Wednesday, October 21, 2015

New security system

The drug activity just keeps getting worse - especially at the drug house behind us. It's really just insane the blatant-ness (is that a word?) of it all. The other day it was literally every 2 minutes someone was either at their window or walking into their back door. DH actually went and stood down at the back corner of our property one evening, just as it was getting dark and recorded it all on video with his camera. 6 cars pulled in within the first 12 of his 18 minutes down there.

Then a female walked up. She is the girlfriend of the drug dealer (who is in jail) in the other nearby neighborhood. She walks up to the window and you hear the dealer say "it'll be 5 minutes" and she says ok and hangs around talking to someone there in a car. A few minutes later she is at the window making the exchange, says thank you and leaves. She herself just got out of jail last week......where the sheriff had assured this other neighborhood that this time she was going to go away for quite awhile.....nope. She got a deferred sentence (and she is a repeat offender).

After seeing a drug deal go down every 2 minutes DH came back into the house and called the deputy directly that is the most involved with trying to work on this. He said they only had 8 deputies that night and 62 calls in front of us. So, ya - he wasn't making it out to our neighborhood.

The other neighborhood has had some actual peace for a couple of weeks now because they used..... do I say unconventional method of getting it taken care of.  And these "services" have been offered to us........and we are taking up the offer.........because after over 2 years now it is obvious the sheriff is not going to do anything at all about it. While these folks from the nearby neighborhood visited our place yesterday (along with the offered service) they all said that it is much worse over here then it has been for them and they were totally fed up with what they had to deal with, so they can imagine how we must feel.

Let's just say I feel like I've stepped into an episode of Sons of Anarchy and leave it at that..............probably the less I say (and the less I even know what is going on) is best. LOL. I am hoping the next time I have to mention my neighborhood problem, it's to say we have a quiet neighborhood again.


  1. I hope the next time you have to mention your neighbourhood again it is to say that you have sold up and found the place of your dreams. Good Lord, I don't know how you put up with it - but good luck with "the services". I hope they can give you some relief. Anna

  2. I don't know how you & DH keep your sanity.

    1. I think we have lost it.....hence the decision to get the new "security" plan. Yikes!

  3. This makes me worried for you. This sounds dangerous. Just be careful.