Sunday, February 8, 2015

Saturday fun day

I had a great day yesterday. DD and I met up halfway between home and school. Did some shopping at a mall for a couple of hours and then went and had lunch at Red Robin..........YUM.....:)

We haven't seen each other in a few weeks and last weekend I suggested that sometime soon we should meet up halfway and she was like YES YES YES! Let's do it on Saturday. We each drove an hour (yay for Saturday morning light traffic) and found each other in front of the JCPenney store.

I had a couple of things I wanted to specifically look for to buy: A blue hooded pullover sweatshirt for DH and a couple of desk drawer organizers for his desk. I don't really need anything - recent Christmas and Birthday has left me with lots of nice new things.

We could not find a plain old blue hooded pullover sweatshirt! Found one in clearance at Penney's but it was wrong size. Sears didn't have any either. That's really why I hate shopping and rarely go to malls. If I have something specific in mind I can never find it.  DD found a cute sweater cardigan to buy. We went into a cute little gift shop type of store and saw some cute owl car fresheners so I bought the set, put one in my car and DD took the other two.

Then we went to lunch. DD had some $ left on a Red Robin gift card (that was actually my card but I gave it to her like a year ago because she goes out to eat more than me) so we decided to go there. There isn't a Red Robin in her university town, so she wasn't likely to use it up anytime soon. Lunch is expensive! $35 for two meals and milkshakes.  So with her $13 left on the card, it still cost me $22 plus I left a $5 tip.

After lunch we decided to find a craft store and an office supply store. They were about 2 miles from the mall and both in the same shopping complex. Again, no luck finding what I was looking for at the office store (desk drawer organizers).

We drove back to the mall and saw a Home Goods store across the street. We've never been in one of those stores and OHHH! We liked it. LOL.  Then I took DD back to her car. I decided I'd better use the little girls room before the drive home (which with afternoon traffic took me and hour and a half), so we went back inside the Penney's store. The entrance we had used was right back into the men's athletic wear. As I'm walking past a table (that we had already looked at when we were there 3 hours earlier) I spot a hooded sweatshirt lying on top of the other stuff on the table. It was XL, it was blue, and it was on clearance for $12.99! Score!  We went back to our cars,  hugged, gave her ALL the chocolate from my house and some leftover pizza, and went our separate ways.  Fortunately, she has a 3 day weekend next weekend and will be home next Friday afternoon :-)


  1. Sounds like a fun time for you both. Sort of hard to do this with my daughter as she is 1000 mi. away. 8-(

    Good going on finding the sweatshirt on clearance tho!

  2. Your Home Goods is the same as our Home Sense here in Canada, great stores; rarely leave one without buying something useful!! Glad you had a great day with your dd.

    1. We didn't buy anything, but sure saw a lot of stuff we liked!