Sunday, March 9, 2014

Frugal things I did this week

Nothing too earth shattering!

Got a free lunch (Panera Bread) at work on Monday.  Sandwich, salad, roll and a HUGE cookie. Filled myself up good, so I wasn't hungry for dinner and just made DH a pot pie and DD had some leftovers.  Looks like from the calendar at work we get a free lunch next Monday, too.

Worked from home Tuesday - saved $10 in gas (I see gas is going up a lot this past week...grrr...)

Ordered the vacuum cleaner bags (I can only find them online) shipped to Walmart so I'd have free shipping.I waited until I had some shopping to do there to go pick up and do all in one trip.

Ran some errands while I was already out running another errand

Free breakfast with Mom

Made some dinners (instead of take out) this week - good for me since I hate cooking and am always tired by the time it's time to make dinner
French Dip sandwiches
Soup and Sandwiches
Cheesy bacon hashbrown casserole

Ordered a discounted Petco gift card to save over 25% on special dog food

Read borrowed (from neighbor and library) books


  1. Hey, boring is good it means nothing has gone wrong. It took me years to realize this!

  2. Panera is great. I haven't had it in a very long time. Free Panera makes it even better!! Your dinner plans sound wonderful. Cheesy bacon hash brown casserole sounds like heaven and comfort food.

    1. The hashbrown casserole is a favorite of everyone. When I take it to family gatherings, it's always gone quickly. It's covered with green onions on top and smells so yummy while baking.