Sunday, March 16, 2014

From the old days

I was putting some things away in DD's bedroom and was reminiscing of how I had re-decorated her room when she moved from the crib to a big bed.  It was so cute. Kind of a "country cute" style. The bed had a puffy patchwork quilt in pastel colors, her walls were a pale yellow. As she grew older she changed it to her own style...or I should say "styles" as she grew up. We're probably on our 4th coat of paint over the years.

But, she has left a few remnants that for some reason she won't get rid of:

This is the coat/hanger shelf I bought unfinished and white washed.  The bears were newborn gifts I had received when she was born. A lifelong friend of my mom made the smaller bear. I made the wooden bear in one of my craft phases.

The shelf and the picture still remain, as well as the dolls and little "country" knicknacks.  She's added a few of her own little things over the years, but I find it sweet that a little part of her room is still from toddlerhood.

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