Friday, March 22, 2013

Rain rain go away

I was standing at yet another tennis match where it started raining, in my very old rain jacket, when I looked down at the material of it and realized it was time for this jacket to be done with. I've had it about 10 years now. I even remember buying it - it was at Sears on clearance and I got it for like $10. The outside isn't the breathable, water resistant types most jackets are made of these days. It's made of vinyl? Whatever it's made of it was literally wearing off the coat. Well, if I need a new rain jacket now is probably the best time to buy one, since most are on clearance as the stores have out their spring/summer lines.

I went to Kohl's last night as I had a 30% of coupon and they were offering $10 Kohl's cash for $50 spent (though I was hoping to spend less then $50, for sure). I also wanted to get something quality, that will last many years (hence, I didn't go to Walmart for it). Even though we have casual dress where I work, I still need to look like I present myself well. I also don't want to be standing in the rain at a tennis match or at a store looking like a bum in worn out clothes! Kohl's had their remaining jackets on sale 50% off. I found one I really liked that was regularly $90 on sale for $45, plus with the 30% off coupon it would only be $31.50.  Here's what I got:

I know - I could have looked at thrift stores or on ebay but honestly I just don't have the time. We only have one thrift store in my town (Salvation Army) and the hour or more I would have take out of my day to try and hope I find something I could be putting in an hour at my side job and making more than I saved on a jacket.

DD was with me and of course was looking at all the jackets too - she is a jacket-whore LOL. She loves coats/jackets. Usually she finds them pretty cheap at Ross, so she never spends much. Her North Face was a gift from grandma and her Columbia jacket was purchased a few years ago for like $25 at an oulet mall. She found this jacket that she bought (with her money - she made like $50 in tips last weekend):

Sorry for the teeny tiny picture! It was the only one I could get showing the color she got. She's trying to branch out from always wearing black jackets! Her jacket was the same price as mine, so we were over the $50 and got the $10 Kohl's cash, which I gave to her, so she can buy some pantyhose she needs for work all the time. She's found pantyhose there she likes, but they are like $6.50 a pair. But, they do last her quite awhile, considering they get quite a work out with being a hostess running around helping the servers for 6 hours. When she tried the really cheap kind they would get runs every shift and she was replacing them almost every time she worked.

Of course, now today is sunny and blue skies! But it's still a jacket I can wear anytime, so that is a good thing :-) Oh, and did I mention DD and I are the same size, so we can share!



  1. Oh, those are very pretty! I need to purchase a rain coat too for the spring/summer days.

  2. Nice jacket! p.s. I just realized that I fall into the jacket whore category (eekkk...but I do love all kinds of jackets along with all kinds of bags and shoes!).