Friday, December 30, 2011

Ready for the weekend

It's been a fairly productive day, lingering headache not withstanding. I woke up yesterday at 4am with it, it seemed to just pound every time I woke up last night. I'm glad I have today off. Today has been kind of a dull ache.  Usually when I get these lingering headaches it's related to my messed up neck and the only way to finally get rid of it is to take a muscle relaxer. I just didn't want to take one last night, as then I knew I'd be a slug all day today and I wanted to get some stuff done.  I will probably have to take it tonight :-(

I got the grocery shopping done.  Spent $180.  I wish I could get it lower, but at least it's at what I budgeted for and this amount did include stocking up on a couple of things.  I also spent $33 on some more Christmas clearance items.  A tree bag to store our tree in, a box to store ornaments in, a lighted bow tree topper and some bows.  I think am now done with Christmas clearance shopping......unless I come across a great deal on holiday dinnerware set, but I haven't seen any in stores so don't think I'll be finding that.

Then Dd and I got tree undecorated and stored and all the other decorations in the house put away and organized.  Pulling the tree apart and getting folded up for storage left quite a few little "twigs", so then I went ahead and vacuumed the whole living room and dining room and the couch off, while I had the vacuum out.  Dd organized all the bags, boxes, bows and wrapping paper.

I was going to make a hashbrown casserole for dinner - I had actually bought all the ingredients last shopping trip, but then never made it. Well...I forgot that I had used up the sour cream to make some dip last weekend, so I had no sour cream.  I was tempted to go get take out, but instead I looked at my menu for the week and substituted some Beef Tips w/Noodles. 

It will just be a quiet weekend here, no partying for us boring folks!  I'm not sure if Ds and his girlfriend are doing anything tomorrow night or not. Tonight he is visiting an old friend he just got in touch with after a few years of silence. Ds made the first move and the old friend called him back and said "what can I say? I was an asshole".  They talked awhile and then made plans to get together.  The friend (he is a couple years older than my son) lives over an hours drive away and has a new little baby with his girlfriend, so sounds like alot has been going on in his life.  Ds was excited to get to see him again, they were best friends for quite a few years.

Dinner's almost ready and after I will go ahead and take that muscle relaxer and read until I get sleepy (usually takes about an hour) and then I will be out for the night.

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