Friday, December 23, 2011

Enjoying the season

I'm just sitting here with my cup of coffee and 2 Christmas sugar cookies - hey, I only make these once a year so might as well enjoy them for breakfast ;-)  They are from my mom's recipe that I can remember always having as long as I have memories back.  They are so yummy!  Though I was a little bummed I ended up making these by myself yesterday as Dd took off to exchange gifts with her 2 best friends.  In digging through the "dark hole" of one of my cupboards for the once yearly used cookie cutters I found a Christmas cookie jar I forgot I bought on clearance after last Christmas!

It's been so nice having the last couple of days off.  I got my final stocking stuffer gifts purchased on Wednesday and all my gifts wrapped up.  Yesterday I went and did my grocery shopping for the next week, including the remaining stuff I needed for the turkey dinner I am making for tomorrow (we open our gifts tomorrow and then stockings on Christmas morning) and Christmas day will be a ham dinner at my mom's. I have neglected my expense tracking the past 3 days so I really need to get caught up on that, but I am feeling really good that I still will have about $400 left over from this month when I get paid on the 30th.  I plan to transfer that "leftover" direct to savings and then I will have over $1500 in my EF.

Usually I take off the week between Christmas and New Year's, but my boss took it off this year as she has family in town.  It's only 3 days of work anyway as we have Monday and next Friday off.  And my boss told me since she wasn't going to be in the office (along w/half the staff) she didn't care if I just worked from home those 3 days, so yay - I don't have to make the hour commute each way for the 2 days I would've had to drive up to the office.  Plus, I'll save on gas.

Today's plan is just to clean the house real good.  I worked some more on decluttering my walk in closet yesterday.  I have a small chest of drawers in there with a drawer filled with photos, one with school supplies and 2 with old, old craft stuff.  I threw out most all the craft stuff (on top of the chest was a big shoe box of old dried out craft paints that had been sitting there for years) and kept a drawer empty so dh can store some of his photos. 

Well, I'd better hop to it!

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  1. Great job on the savings! Keep up the decluttering, it feels so good to get rid of useless stuff LOL All the best for 2012 :)