Friday, June 3, 2011

Still no mail

It took a trip to the Post Office and and an additional 45 minutes, but I did finally find out what happened to our mail.  This is a good sized post office that is always busy - but always only has 2 people working it most of the time.  Walked in to a line back to the door and 2 people working the counter (though they have registers for 5). About half way through my wait in line the counter goes down to one person (Dd was like "seriously? this is considered a good time to take a break?).  The poor lady in front of me got up to 3rd in line and had to leave, she didn't want to be late for an appointment she had.  Finally get our turn and tell the guy we are wondering why we haven't gotten any mail for a week.  He acts like I'm dumb -- "did you stop your mail?". He spends 10 minutes in back looking for it (all the while I'm feeling terrible that I'm holding up this long line behind me) and comes back and says they don't have any of our mail and our mailbox is "clean" meaning no problems with it. He says, "I guess you just haven't had any mail sent to you".  Good grief.  I can't recall a day that goes by that I don't get junk mail - let alone for 7 days?  I persist with him and he finally realizes (I guess) that I mean I have gotten NO mail at all, not even junk mail.  He goes in back to talk to his supervisor. Another 5 minutes goes by (I'm so sorry folks behind me!) and he comes out with another lady carrying - guess what? Our mail!

She explains that our neighborhood locked mailbox had a key broken off into the main lock that the carrier uses to leave our mail, so she hasn't been able to deliver (all outward appearances of our mailbox look ok).  I ask - "and she couldn't leave a note on the box letting us know to pick up our mail at the post office?".  "Nope", came the reply, "that is not our responsibility".  OMG!  How inefficient.  A 30 second note by our carrier would have saved them 15 minutes of looking for my mail at the post office! No wonder they are going broke.  She said someone was supposed to repair it that day, but it's now 2 days later and still broken.  Guess I'll be making another trip to pick up mail - wonder how long it will take them to locate it this time....

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