Sunday, June 12, 2011

Spendy Sunday

So much for not spending much last week.  Made up for it today.  On Friday I purchased oil and filter to change oil in dd's little truck.  Now today Dh tells me he needs to change the oil in his truck, needs an oil filter for the riding lawn mower and needs blackberry bush killer.  That all came to about $75 (plus the $20 I spent on Friday for oil and filter).  Plus, while we were at Walmart I bought a shower curtain liner for kid's bathroom.  Decided to go with a cloth type liner, so that I can throw it in the wash machine regularly.  It was $15, but hopefully will last a good long while and maybe look a little nicer too.

And here I had planned not even going anywhere today....I guess I should at least be grateful Dh and Ds can change our cars/trucks oils themselves instead of spending more to have it done somewhere.  My uncle had a new car just like mine and said his oil changes cost like $50! (special "Dexos" synthetic oil supposed to be used).  We spent $30 doing it ourselves.

Dinner was a cheesy hashbrown casserole - yum! and best of all I have leftovers for work the next couple of days :-).  I always brown bag it, but I really don't like sandwiches that have been sitting in a bag for 4 hours, so I usually take Soup at Hand, but at $1.50 each - leftovers is an even cheaper option. Plus, I am sick of soup!

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