Saturday, March 27, 2010

School expenses

Dd and I had to go shopping this morning for black shoes she would need to march in a parade (for band class at school).  I was a little perturbed that I was expected to go out and pay money for shoes she will wear once, maybe twice.  We looked at cheap tennis shoes at Walmart, but she wasn't too keen on anything they had (she's got a jr high image, you know!).  We went to JC Penneys and she ended up finding some LA Gear black tennis shoes she liked that were on sale for $32 (reg. $48).  This was way more than I wanted to spend on a one time thing, but she said she really liked them and would pay half from her own money.  The sales clerk scanned some coupon that added discounts on top of the sale price and they ended up only being $25! And Dd likes them so much she will wear them alot.  She's spent years wearing those darn skateboard type of shoes that she stuffs her laces in and has under her soles! After wearing these new shoes all afternoon she commented she forgot how good it felt to wear "good" shoes.

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