Sunday, April 14, 2019

Weekend wrap up

I think I was just tired of being on the computer and didn't even sit at my desk all weekend, until now. Friday was my half work day. I think I took an afternoon nap. About 4pm we decided to run into the little lumber/paint store in town and get some primer paint we needed and a couple other things. Then, since we were halfway there and dinner time, we went and got burgers and shared a fries from the little drive thru burger stand. We took a bit of a detour on the way home to see if we could spot any deer or elk, but no luck. Though we have been seeing some deer around our property the past week or so.

Saturday, DH needed one more gallon of the primer, so back I went. I stopped and filled up with gas and got some milk from the grocery store, so now I have enough until our city grocery shopping trip next weekend. We have a small "utilities closet" inside the garage. The floor area was half covered in paint overspray, so I scraped it off and then just cleaned the concrete floor with a rag and warm water. Looks much better. Eventually we're going to have to do the whole garage that is where painter lady did all her painting/staining and even though it was covered in paper taped down, it sure doesn't even look like it was. Sigh..........

It was decided that DH's parents remains (they were cremated) will be brought over to this state (where they were originally from) and interred at the VA cemetery, together. DH and his brothers (who all live in this state) are happy with the decision. When that's done we can hold a little service for them. Still don't really know what is going on with sale of FIL's house closing and the will. It's been 10 days since SIL said he needed to sign some papers and nothing has been sent yet. 

DH spent yesterday afternoon staking and marking out where the concrete walkway needs to go (to front entrance) as well as the concrete pads in front of garage and shop. I helped a bit with that, after I woke up from a really good nap. For dinner I did up some steaks and green beans. We went out to the house to look at stuff and turned on our little electric fireplace that is in the upstairs loft sitting area. Cute little thing! I think it will look cozy when I get a little love seat and chair. We were trying to decide where some of our furniture will go. By the time we got back in the shop, it was 8:30pm. I spent the rest of the evening reading a Nicholas Sparks book.

Got to sleep in a bit this morning, as the older dog finally didn't wake me up at 7:15 like he's been doing every morning the past week or so. I went ahead and got in the shower and dressed, rather than lounging around. It seems like just about every other Sunday, later in the morning, our friend from town will stop by for a visit, LOL. He's the older, retired guy (but he keeps busy with odd jobs) who cut all our trees into lumber. But, he didn't stop by today.

I had ordered a pack of 5 cleaning pads that go on my new Bona mop for the laminate flooring. I cleaned all the wood laminate - again - this is the first that it finally looks better and cleaner. Probably because I had all the extra pads and replaced one as soon as it got dirty with a new one. I used all 5. I think the flooring looks better, but it still has kind of a dull look to it. I found that Bona (the flooring installer recommended only use Bona on the laminate) makes a laminate floor polish, that is recommended to use every few months, so I ordered some of that to try. The pics on Home Depot customer's shared in the reviews looked great, so I'm hoping it will shine it up a bit for us. I also discovered I could order a refill jug of the cleaning solution, which is cheaper than the individual bottles.

We just spent some time up in our loft area, looking out binoculars at a herd of elk up on the hills across and down a ways from us. We need better binoculars! ha! From our aide great room window we could almost see the eagles nest that is up in a tree across the river. There were a few branches of a tree blocking our view, so DH trimmed them down and now we can look out and see the eagles nest (though better to see with binocs). I think we're going to have to get a telescope to put there.

Well, time to get dinner made. Nothing sounds good at all. 

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