Monday, January 4, 2016

Back at it

DH listed my old desk on Craigslist and we sold it for $100. Yay! He also has a trailer hitch listed for $150 and I'm sure that will sell too. Maybe that's the little boost he needs to take a look around that shop and see what he can get rid of.........nah.....who am I kidding?! LOL.

Back to work this morning, but doing it from home so that I can take a break at 11am and go pick up the travelers from the airport. It'll probably take me a couple of hours to do that, so a long lunch, basically. It's about 50 minutes to the airport. She has decided to go back up to her apartment at school tonight. BF has to work tomorrow morning and she needs to get to the bookstore tomorrow and go pick up her mail being held at the post office. I had hoped she'd stay here tonight and head up Tuesday morning, so that we'd have the whole evening to spend together.

We had a bit of snow yesterday and 2 inches was expected overnight (big deal around here that messes ALL driving up. I woke up early this morning to hear rain, so I was kind of glad, since I had to drive out in it today. This area isn't like areas that normally get snow and get snow plowed everywhere. If we get snow it's a chore just to get a mile down the road to the store, not to mention there are hills everywhere.

Our old cat has decided he doesn't like going outside anymore. He has always HATED to stay in at night, but gradually stays on later and later. He's has always just meowed whenever he wants out during the night and I get up and let him out. he's decided to just stay in and pee on the little bath mat in front of the shower! He's done this twice now. Ugh. He's going to have to go out for at least a little bit when I go to bed. DH can let him back in when he goes to bed.


  1. Yay for making extra money on Craigslist. Snow is a huge pain when you're not used to it. We are used to it here but the first snow always causes plenty if accidents.

  2. We sold a lot of things on Craigslist. Each time we really sell things, my husband is astounded. Yes, you will have some crazies, but the honest buyers far outweigh them.
    Good luck!