Friday, November 7, 2014

The Electricity hog

We've had 2 months of electricity bills since DD has been gone. Our October bill was 18% less than the previous year and the bill I just got today was 23% less than last years bill. Our monthly billings vary in the amount of days in the billing cycles, sometimes it's 30, sometimes its 28 and sometimes it's 35. I thought maybe the difference from the previous year was different amounts of days, but each billing cycle had the same amount of days as the previous year.  So, I'll take the $26 in lower electricity bill this month!  What a little electricity hog she must be. LOL

She is home for a long weekend, through Tuesday, so I am very happy :-)  Not for sure what all our plans are. Some birthday celebrating, some shopping and a little visit to the cemetery abbey to leave some flowers for my grandparents at the little niche their ashes are in.

It was not a fun trip to pick her up! She has her car, but it's been having some more problems, so she decided to drop it off at our friends shop (the one who did all her engine work). So I left work at 2:30 yesterday afternoon to drive to his shop which is about halfway between her school and my work (the opposite direction of my house). It took me an hour and 15 minutes to go the 45 miles to his shop to meet up with her. It then took us almost 3 hours to drive the 84 miles back home! And that was even getting to use the car pool lane. Just beyond ridiculous.  Worth it to see her and have her home, though.  And we know her car is in good hands, with someone we totally trust to fix it right and not charge her an arm and a leg.

I'm working from home today and this afternoon is an appointment to get our hair trimmed and then get the grocery shopping done.


  1. It sounds like a fun weekend with your DD! xoxox

  2. Is I bad that I dream of the day when my kids move out and my water and hydro bills drop? :)

    1. I am anxious for those days to come too! When she is out of school, has her good job and paying for everything for herself. Yay to more money, LOL