Friday, July 4, 2014

Good deals

See that memory foam bath mat in front of the shower door?  I just paid a whopping 43 cents for it! I was scanning through my emails yesterday to delete all the ads and almost deleted an email from    JC Penney that had a $10 off any purchase coupon.  Plus I had a 15% off coupon.  Apparently JCP takes the 15% off before the $10 off (unlike Kohl's).  The mat was regularly $22 and on sale for $12.99, less $2.60 for the 15% off and then $10 off.  I love those kinds of deals!

                                            (you'll have to excuse the unfinished base board area.........)

Yesterday DD and I went to a couple of second hand stores and came up with this picture.  It will be hung on the same wall, above the tub.  I thought it was very pretty and had a nice frame.....even better was the price:  $11!

I ended up adding a second coat of paint to the bathroom walls yesterday and doing a lot of little touch ups at the ceiling and at the top of the backsplash.  Bathroom remodel guy apparently isn't that great of a painter and I didn't want to wait another week or two for it to get since we kind of know him (brother in law of a friend) I didn't feel comfortable saying "hey, the paint job kind of sucked".  I really like how he textured the walls, he did a great job on that.  You wouldn't know the walls aren't real drywall with tape and texture. But with all the texture, it really needed a 2nd coat of paint to cover up all the little missed spots of white undereath.   DD was supposed to be off work fairly early yesterday, since she had to open at 5:30. I had expected to have her to help me do half of the work.  Finally at 12:30 I went in and got started on all the areas around trim, etc and when I got that done she still wasn't home. So then I started with the rolling.... when she finally got off work all I had left was these 2 walls you are looking at now. I was one sore and tired lady yesterday, but I love the wall color I picked out. Usually I am terrible and always unhappy with my paint choices, but this one I am very happy with. On a good note, DD put in a 9 hour shift at work and made $250 in tips! With her $9 something an hour, she made $37 an hour - more than I make LOL!

DH is going to get started on the cedar garden arbor I've been wanting the past year and he also decided he's going to make a little covered area off of our back french doors, just to go out a few feet and cover the stone steps he put in.  I don't have enough money right now (since we decided to also update DD's bathroom) to buy all the supplies for both projects and first DH said he needs anchor posts for the arbor and porch cover, anyway. Those came to over $200 at Home Depot.  I sure have been spending a lot there, but this time I finally got smart and bought a discounted online giftcard first! Plus, it was a type of gift card they emailed me, I didn't have to wait for it to come in the mail. I could print it out and take to the store or use to order online. Perfect.  I was able to get a 10.5 % discount on a $238 card, for $213.  I bought it with my PayPal debit card, where I will earn another 1% cash back and then when I went to place the order on Home Depot online, I first went through MyPoints, where I will earn another 3.4% cash back, for a total of 15% saved or $35 for this project purchase.  Sure wish I had done that on all the bathroom materials I just bought! I could have saved $150.

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  1. It looks beautiful. and for such great prices! well done.