Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Too much to do

It's that month out of the year where my brain starts to overload from all the extra things to do and remember. I don't usually need to make "to-do" lists but I did yesterday! Last night, just as I was about to go to bed, I suddenly remembered I was supposed to be emailed $15 in Kohl's cash from my Black Friday online purchase. I went through my emails and sure enough I had moved it to trash, along with the other tons of store ads emails I get every day in my "coupon/online shopping" email address.  Good thing I remembered - it's only good through next Monday.

I had also added on my to-do list to check today with the Crestor manufacturer patient assistance program on DH's medication. We had to re-apply for assistance and though I did it over 3 weeks before his prescription was to run out, I hadn't heard anything yet and he only has a week of pills left. I was happy to stop and get my mail when I got home yesterday and find the bottle of pills had been delivered.

I got signed up for the flexible spending account yesterday, a few days before the deadline, so that is now taken care of.  I also just took care of making a vet appointment for our younger dog. I decided to no longer stick with the Banfield wellness plan and to also start taking pup to the local vet we take our older dog to. He's due for some annual vaccines and I need to have a couple of other issues checked out. He's still itching a lot and the past week he has been intermittently, every couple of days, (usually in the evening) whimpering or yelping out in pain if he as to get up from laying down or gets up on the couch. But next morning, he's fine and raring to go. I have an appointment for him on Friday afternoon.

So, the only thing (right now) left on  my to-do list is get signed up for new health insurance. Ya'll know how excited about that I've been..........

I also had to make myself a list of "rewards" I am waiting on, to make sure I get them all (and hopefully before Christmas). I just got my $10 Walmart gift card from Energizer battery purchase in the mail yesterday (will be used for stocking stuffers). All my Swagbucks gift cards have come through and have been loaded to Amazon and Starbucks. I also remembered I have a Plink account that I had forgotten about. Well, sure enough - I had enough for a $10 Amazon gift card!  I'm currently waiting on a $25 Kohl's gift card (a gift for DD) and a few mail in rebates that total about $10. I haven't decided what to use the Kohl's $15 on - probably socks and underwear DS needs or a sweater for DD. to see if I can figure out which health insurance plan to pick and hope I can get signed up.......

Update - 2 mintues later: My states healthcare exchange is down......imagine that! Freakin' Obamacare...insert Sluggy's repeated bad words from her rant yesterday on Windows8!!

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