Sunday, February 21, 2010

I don't want to be 92 yrs old

Today we took my soon to be 92 year old grandma to check out an assisted living home....something we've been trying to get her to do for a couple of years now.  It's way past time and my mom finally realized that.  Grandma's been pretty stubborn about staying at her place, but at her age and health it's just not a good thing anymore.  My mom has tried to have someone come in to help her mornings and clean house, but she doesn't like the lady - "she's too hard on my things".  She doesn't want an assisted living apartment because "I don't like apartments". 

After pressing her "life line" button a few weeks ago and a trip to the hospital for tests (nothing found, she's just old!) and a week stay at my mom's, my mom finally set her foot down and told my grandma she cannot live on her own anymore.  She is getting very forgetful lately (which isn't a good thing when she takes several medicines) and can't get around much walking. She doeasn't do much of anything and alot of the times in the afternoons just sits there - no tv on, nothing.  She doesn't read anymore, nor can she crochet. My mom visits her nearly everyday and I stop on my way home from work on Thursday and spend about an hour and a half visiting her. My mom put her little mobile home up for sale and we think there is already a buyer.  We should know for sure in the next couple of days.  Of course grandma thinks my mom didn't ask enough for it!  Then when my mom mentioned having an estate sale (this of course, would be after her place is sold) grandma said "oh no, I wouldn't want people coming in my house getting the floors all dirty!"  Too funny.

The trip today was to a new assisted living place less than a mile from my house. It's very nice.  She'd have a little one bedroom apartment, 3 meals a day, housekeeping and a way to get around to places like the store, if she wanted to go with on the community bus. We got to have lunch there with her.  The only thing grandma could find "wrong" with the apartment was she wasn't sure if the microwave was the right wattage! We assured her it would heat up her food :-)  I hope this is the place she ends up - it's so close to both me and my mom.  I would have much more time to visit her being so close. Where she lives now is almost a half hour drive and hard to squeeze in on busy weekends.

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