Saturday, November 7, 2015

In color

I got a new all-in-one color printer. It's been a really long time since I've had a color printer. My printer I have is a black ink laser jet from work and for the most part that is all we need. Occasionally we want to print something in color, but we just wait until I can go into the office and print it on one of those printers.  We still had an old all-in-one printer, and the only reason I kept it is because the scanner part still worked and we do scan things quite often. I'll bet it's 15 years old LOL.

Well, DH needed to print out some pictures we took of the drug needles and druggy campsite because he wasted visual stuff to show the prosecutor of what we are dealing with on a regular basis. Only I didn't go into work on Thursday and the meeting was that night. So, I decided to go buy a new one. They are so dang cheap now. I got one at Target on sale for $60 that was regularly $100, plus I saved 5% using my RedCard.

I got an Epson WorkForce WF-2630. It was easy to set up in minutes and linked right away to my wireless network. I was able to download the printer app to my phone and just printed the pictures right from my phone. How cool is that!  I haven't tried using the scanner or copier yet, but I'm sure those functions will get lots of use. The color ink cartridges are separate cartridges for each color, so might be cheaper with only having to replace what color actually runs out. I still have my black inkjet printer set as my default printer as 99% of what I need to print doesn't need color. I'm sure the darn ink cartridges will cost more to replace than the cost of the printer.

Plus this one is smaller than my old all-in-one, so it's not taking up so much space in the corner of my desk behind my dual monitors. Does anyone else use dual monitors? I love it. I don't use it much for personal stuff, but for work it is a necessity. Once I got used to it I was like how did I do it with one monitor before?! Some of our folks at work have 3 and 4 monitors now.

While at Target I also went to customer service to see about getting back $5 for a cartwheel coupon I didn't know about last Saturday when I purchased a little hooded zip-up sweatshirt for myself. It was $20 and I've been looking for something plain color, lightweight and cheap and haven't really had any luck finding anything in my $15-$20 price range. There were 2 ladies working the customer service desk and I got the young lady who was still learning how to do stuff. She was really sweet and she asked the other lady (after trying to get her attention like 4 times) how to adjust for a missed cartwheel coupon. She told her how to do it and the girl wasn't seeing that option on her screen, so she kept trying to ask the other lady, who then said "oh it's too old". I'm like I just bought it Saturday and the cartwheel coupon is still active for 2 more days. Finally the other lady got done with her customer and looked at my receipt and on whatever they were seeing on their screen and she told me "this transaction is to old". So I said "well, then can I just return this sweatshirt for credit and then buy it again and use the cartwheel coupon?" Oh, sure you can.......sigh........So, I got refunded my original purchase. She then rang up the sweatshirt as a new purchase. Well, guess what?! It's on sale this week for $13.98! Plus the 25% off cartwheel coupon. I ended up getting this sweatshirt for $10.90 with sales tax. The girl was really sweet and I thanked her for her time and went on my merry way.

Then today I just had to deal with why the heck was my Comcast bill another $50 more per month (after it just went up $35 a month)?! I looked at the billing detail. OMG! So a few weeks ago, when we were having problem with our home phone (for like 2 weeks). They tried to do a remote "fix" and that didn't help so I had to call and complain again and they had to send a tech out. He came (I was at work) and told DH that the issue wasn't any problem with our (new 2 month old) modem or our wiring, but most likely an issue in our neighborhood that they haven't figured out yet. But, for whatever reason he decides to replace our 2 month old modem.......and charges me $50 to set it up! I called and complained and they removed the charge. Geez! They are the one's with the problem and are going to charge me to install a new modem I didn't even apparently need? The service guy could have at least said to DH "I'm putting in a new modem, if you want me to set it up for you it will be an extra $50". Then DH would have called me and I would have said no. As it is all's he did was plug it in, get on DH's computer and assign it a network name and password. I still had to connect everything else that we have wireless when I got home.  I'm glad for the good customer service though and he didn't hesitate to credit me for it.

DD will be home on Monday night for the rest of next week. Yay! Since Wed is a holiday and no classes and she only has classes on Mon and Wed, she will get to come home Monday evening and spend all week. (plus it's her birthday next week). 


  1. The cheap printers always have expensive cartridges that don't last long, so you just bought a disposable printer. They plan it that way!

    1. I know, right! Even the cartridges for our work desk printers are like $70 and the printers were only like $140. I'm hoping the ink lasts awhile since we don't need anything color too often and it's our secondary printer.