Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Word of the day

If I had to describe yesterdays meeting with the head county sheriff I'd have to use "anti-climatic". I was under the impression that some of the other county council members would also be at this meeting, but it was just our councilman and his assistant from that side of the building.  There were quite a few in attendance from the sheriff's office. Head Sheriff, the Lieutenant and Sergeant from our precinct and a few others. 

They didn't tell us really anything we didn't already know about the our situation and we didn't tell them anything they haven't already known the past 2 years. I left the meeting feeling pretty much "blah". Their hands are tied in making traffic stops because it's all private roads back here, so apparently laws don't apply. If you want to deal drugs out of your house, live on a private road.....there's nothing they can do, is basically what I got out of it.

Oh sure...the head sheriff gave us the "we're gonna work on this" speech. They all gave the "we're understaffed/underfunded speech" - which they are. Not near enough manpower for the amount of people that live in this area. It sounds like the funding in the county budget that our councilman has put forth to add a 6 man task force will get approved, but it won't be until the 2016 budget.  Our county sheriff is an elected position and I think it comes up for re-election next year. As it stands now, I highly doubt I'll be voting for him if there is someone else running against him.

The Lt. also said that the only reason the bust/warrant got made last December on the house behind us was because the SIU (narcotics) did it as a favor to the guy who was Lt. of our precinct at the time! It's just too "small potatoes" for them. Nice.........that's the only way to take care of a neighborhood being overrun by drug dealers, users, thiefs, etc? 

The sentencing these repeat offenders are getting is a JOKE. The oldest of the 3 drug dealers that live behind us...he got charged with the following last February: Theft3 and Assault3 (drug charge dropped). Plead guilty and got out and was supposed to be sentenced in June. Of course Failure to Appear for his sentencing. They finally picked him up 2 weeks ago. His sentencing (this is a repeat offender, mind you) was yesterday....he got sentenced to a whole 81 days.  His brother? who just got arrested for violating the joke of a no contact order his parents have on him? he got sentenced yesterday to 20 days in jail.

The guy, who last winter, was showing up at the drive up window at the drug dealers behind us....in a Hummer, with his girlfriend, with a baby in their arms......every night around 11:30pm....they are one of the ones that got popped, which led to the warrant being served on this house last December.......he ended up getting "drug court", which means he has to hold a job and test clean (monthly, I think?). He has failed at least 2 times. Literally, while we were sitting in that meeting yesterday afternoon, he was failing his drug test - again - and being booked into jail. I'm sure he'll be let out yet again, so he can come and buy drugs in our neighborhood.

Our councilman is having a meeting today with the head county prosecutor, to get his take on all this light sentencing. Also, we are going to another meeting with the head sheriff - over at the other neighborhood 6 blocks from us (the people we went and met last week), but that isn't until the end of September.  Our councilman is also try to get our state representatives to come to this meeting.

We are also pissed off at our good neighbor for continuing to bury his head and let us do all the work. One of the first questions the sheriff's asked was "why doesn't your other neighbor on your street call this stuff in".  DH told him that last night and he was like "well. I don't see it.." DH said that is BS...later when he told me that I said well then I guess he has no reason to be asking us to keep an eye on his place then....like we just did while he was out of town for 5 days!

I think the word for today:  JOKE

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