Friday, September 18, 2015

Wedding gift off the to do list

I've had a wedding invitation sitting at my desk for weeks now. It's for my cousin's kid and it's out of state, so certainly not going, but sending a gift has been in the back of my mind. I finally got it taken care of this morning. I assumed they would be registered somewhere, but I had no idea where. I found a website online that searches all the registry's and found they are registered at Bed Bath & Beyond, Target and another store. They had lots of items with BB&B, but shipping isn't free unless you spend over $50.

I really only wanted to spend $30-$40. And most importantly, I didn't want to spend hours agonizing over how much I should spend and what to get them (as I always do over wedding gifts). This is my budget and honestly, I will probably never seen my cousin's kid again (haven't seen him in several years now since he joined the service) or even meet his new wife in my lifetime, as they now live across the country. I'm not very close to my cousin (his mom) anyway - though certainly not for lack of trying on my part, when they practically lived next door to us for several years.

Anyhoo - I hopped on their Target registry. Picked out a cute wall decoration on their list for $30. There was a 10% off code, plus I had a $5 Target gift card to put towards it, 5% red card savings and free shipping (direct to bride's address). My out of pocket was $23. Done! The invitation could now be tossed in the garbage and off my I'll just wait for the invitation for her other son - who just got engaged this week - LOL!

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