Sunday, September 6, 2015

The JOKE - part 2

Part 2 -

So for close to the next hour there were lots of cop cars, lots of red flashing light, flash lights everywhere. Heard a dog barking. We had no idea really what was going on other than DH assumed it was them trying to find the felon they let walk away.

The next morning he calls his new friend over in the next neighborhood. He needed someone to vent to about the night before. Well, new friend got treated just about the same way the day before! Tuesday they have 2 guys walking their private road, yelling out, threatening that they were going to take care of this neighborhood, etc. He calls for police to come out. Gets the same reaction, as always from dispatch. They won't send anyone out. If my DH can be a hot head, this guy is a VERY hot head. He seems to lose his temper at the drop of a dime (and rightly so, in this case). They have lots of woods around them that they have already ran out the druggies from more than once, living in tents,etc and they recently found a neighboring city police department vest. He goes into the wooded area, finds tents again as well as MORE stuff from this other police department! another vest, a police helmet, a bag. He is so mad that he drives over to the precinct and of course gets that old worthless desk guy. While he's trying to ask for a deputy to come over and go into those woods with him, so he can show him the stuff, etc., there is a Sgt. standing behind the desk guy and he says "well, aren't you guys hiring off duty deputies this weekend? can't you just take care of it then?" Friend loses it right there at the precinct. He was so mad (and I don't blame him). He finally said to them, well maybe if you guys were doing YOUR JOB in the first place, we wouldn't need to hire the off duty deputies!! Apparently in the discussion he was also made very much to feel  like he has no problem in his neighborhood, that he's just making stuff up, etc. Just like DH was made to feel.

He got back home and about an hour later the Lt. and some others came out to his house. Kind of apologetic about the comments made to him at the precinct. They try to tell him they can't go on his neighbors property (no one lives there - it's just wooded acreage) with out the owner's permission. Friend tell him he got the guys permission about a year ago but hasn't talked to him since. They are asking questions. like what is the property owner's name. He told them he helped the owner put up the no trespassing signs last year. Then one of the other deputies apparently was trying to check on who owns it. Didn't you say the guys name is Vern? Friend says yes. Lt says, well the owner is a female, named LaVerne.....basically acting like he just lied to them. And friend says....yes, HIS name is LaVerne - it's a guy, and that's his name! Turns out he passed away last year, unbeknownst to new friend, so now they have to figure out who has it in probate and get permission from them. Good grief. But just go ahead and piss him off some more by acting like he is lying and making stuff up.

While this is happening, one of his other neighbors (who rides a Harley) that we met that night last week, when we went over to this neighborhood, is stopping at the grocery store nearby on his way home. He comes out of the store and these 2 guys are actually sitting on his bike and threaten him for trying to run this crap out of his neighborhood!
So, between what DH experienced with the deputies and what our new friend experienced they both were fit to be tied and just getting each other more riled up over all this while comparing notes!

That night about 8:30 pm a sheriff car pulls up in front of our house. It's the Sergeant from our precinct, who had been at that meeting with Mr. Head Sheriff on Monday........


  1. I take it there is a part three. I would be screaming blue bloody murder as well. Plus I would be having a word with the local newspaper and tv station..........can't remember if you did that before?

  2. I agree with Gill, start getting the news involved, paper and TV, on what you are trying to accomplish and how the police are treating you. You might be small potatoes, but finding police issued articles in the woods is concerning. What about even the FBI, DEA, something to that extent since the local police seem to not care?