Saturday, September 12, 2015

The adorable first apartment

I'd say we got quite a bit done in 24 hours. We got to DD's apartment around 2:30 yesterday afternoon. Unloaded all the boxes and stuff she had loaded into my car.....upstairs.....pretty much one box at a time, LOL. Then we went over to the customers service center to order her internet service. Long line inside all the way back to the door, so we decided to run over to Walmart and get the futon.

The measurements shown online are for the put together product, not the box. Oh....well then this might not fit. It was 30x28x whatever length (that part would fit). Back out to the car to measure the back opening. Yikes, it will be close but should fit. Back into the store to customer service to find out how to pay for it/have someone haul it to the car. While we started to tell the cs lady why we were standing in line, the guy behind us offered to get it and load it into our car for us (even called his brother inside from the car) and then the lady told him they had to have an employee do it for liability purposes. Ok. Thanks for the nice offer, anyway.

So we waited and waited for a guy to come up front. But did he bring the flat cart? No, he had to go back and get one and then meet us up front......umm.why not just meet at the middle of the store where the furniture is? He got our box loaded on the cart and followed us up to a register. Where I then tried to use my $200 Visa gift card to pay the $238 total. It would not work - any which way. I was getting frustrated and then the guy who was helping us load said "is it a gift card?" he then showed the guy at the register how it's supposed to ran through (because it was less then the total) and then I could pay the balance with my debit card. THANK YOU carry out dude!  The box literally just fit into the back of my car. That car hasn't failed me yet on anything large I've had to haul :)

We headed back over to the place to order internet and only one person in line by then. We got THE nicest customer service lady in the history of customer service everywhere!

Then we spent 2 hours of hell trying to put the futon together!

I like the looks ok (it will go into my office/bedroom when she's done with it). I like the wood arms and the color of the futon cover.  Comfort wise it's nothing to write home about. I wish I could have sat on one first. I probably wouldn't have bought it. But it will do and rarely need to be used for sleeping.

By the time we got done putting it together it was late and we were both ready for bed. Her IKEA bed (boyfriend got from someone for free) hasn't been all put together yet because of the BF's dog chewing some parts and they haven't come yet. Then I looked at the frame, almost put together, and mattress lying next to it. Umm.....I think you are missing at least one need a base for the bed (slats or whatever comes with it) so you have something to put the mattress on once you get the frame finished being put together! Oh!!!!! So, she will have to make another trip to IKEA to get those. I just slept on her mattress on the floor and she tried the futon.

She had no food whatsoever (she won't move in for good until 2 more weeks) so we grabbed a frozen pizza from Walmart and ate that for dinner. I can't sleep as late as she does but got up at 7:15 and in the shower and got ready. Oh man, did I need some coffee and food! She got ready by 8am and we headed off to find the nearest Starbucks. It was in a grocery store that she likes to shop at, less than a mile from her place, so she was happy to find that. And that store sold gas too. She's all set. haha.

A trip to Target and we got some command hooks and a variety box of nails, tacks, etc. We hung up all her pictures and tidied up and headed home for the 2 1/2 hour drive. Whew!


  1. Oh that sounds familiar. Set my daughter up for dorm and for apartment in college. Then it all came back home to our basement after graduation. lol But she is gearing up for her wedding and much is going with her and she cleaned up yesterday and sent a bunch for donation. I can so relate to your story right down to the coffee, the pizza, and the command hooks! Enjoy your time together!

  2. I remember those days! I had a similar experience trying to put together a bookshelf, I got for some store. I spent all day trying to put the thing together, only to realize that I installed the shelves on the wrong size. I refused to take it apart and install the shelves on the right side. The rough looking shelves became an interesting conversation starter.

    Naomi Walters @ Chicora Real Estate

  3. How come it always seems that in the transition of packing everything up and moving to a new home or apartment somehow things get lost? Or when you take something apart, and try and put it back together, somehow the gremlins in the box shrunk things so they will never fit back together again?

    Julia Stewart @ Daytona Buyers Agent

  4. Moving into a new place never, ever, ever goes smoothly!If you watch the ads people float happily from one home to another, probably with a cute dog on the van seat- in real life, not so much! But it's certainly satisfying when it's done and you must be happy to know she's cosily settled in now.

    Doyle Hunt @ Real East Van