Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Not much hope

As we were preparing to go over to the nearby neighborhood meeting with the head sheriff after dinner, we get a phone call. Some real estate agent just doing cold calls, it appears. Asks DH if we will be in the market to sell our home in the near future. DH laughs and says if we could sell this place, we'd be gone tomorrow! So they talk a bit and then he passes her off to me (of course). So - she is coming by Sunday afternoon to give us her estimate on our home value. Gotta start somewhere, right? At least then we'll have a good feel of how close (or far) we are to having enough equity to get out of here.

Honestly, I think if/when we get to that point, that we can sell this place, we will just get out of this whole area now and not wait until retirement. Like DH said - really, for us, there is no quality of life here. Sure, it's a beautiful region, but when it take a half hour just to go 5 miles, it's ridiculous. When we moved out to the rural-ish area 25 years ago, it didn't take 90-120 minutes to get to work (and then same back home) in the city. Now this area rural area is overgrown and we spend all our time sitting in traffic just to get anywhere at all.

When we do eventually get to move, it will probably be to somewhere in Idaho, Montana, or Wyoming. I'll find a job. We'll take the pay cut and take the better quality of life (for us) over the money.

The neighborhood meeting wasn't anything enlightening or even hopeful. The head sheriff just gave his normal speech of how he doesn't have enough deputies, they are spread too thin. Blah blah blah. then the Lieutenant said the same thing. Then the (awesome) deputy, who has been trying his darndeset to help us all, spoke. He really is the only one that gave us any glimmer of hope. that this will ever be resolved. He is a fairly young, on the ball, deputy. He is also the deputy that this other neighborhood pitched in money and hired him to do some off-duty patrol for 4 different 4 hour shifts. They have 2 drug dealing houses in their neighborhood too, like us. The one guy and his girlfriend from one of the houses are both in jail now (though we all know that won't last long), so at least they are getting a bit of a break, but it all just goes to the other house or explains why traffic 6 blocks down the road, in our neighborhood, has increased. They gotta go somewhere.........

They have a great group of neighbors over there - a big turnout of probably 20 people. Represented from our neighborhood? Just me and DH. Same old story.

Let's hope this real estate agent gives us really good news, LOL. 


  1. Crossing my fingers on the evaluation of your home. Idaho, Wyoming or Montana, huh? Wyoming is great financially for retirees(top 10 states)but I sure hope y'all like snow....lolz

    1. DH loves snow, grew up in it. Me? well, I think I'd do much better in snow than somewhere south and hot. I don't do well in really hot weather. We'll see, it's all just wishful thinking at this point and a snow blizzard sounds wonderful compared to living in this drug neighborhood, LOL

    2. I am thinking I would do better with snow as well, but I have never lived in it - only the hot and humidity. I cannot stand it though and live inside with air conditioning for 6 months of the year. It is miserable. A couple of months of really cold would beat that any day.

  2. The whole drug situation has really got to be an enormous strain/drain on you guys & the way you live your life. Ma be the best thing you ever do - just get out of the neighborhood where you can live in peace.

  3. It sure is a drain. We didn't even do the landscaping projects (small water pond and finishing our back porch) we had planned this summer. It was kind of like - why bother fixing this up, when we are so miserable here.....
    thanks for commenting!