Thursday, September 3, 2015

Netflix, stocking up and magazines

I found a new tv show to watch on Netflix. Prison Break. I'm on episode 5 right now and so far am enjoying the story line. A friend of mine recommended it and said the first season was really good, but that she didn't enjoy the other seasons as much. At least it will give me something to watch for awhile.

DD and I went shopping during lunch time yesterday and stocked her up on 4 tubes of her Colgate Enamel toothpaste coupon deal from Target for .74 ea. She will not have to buy that for a long time. We also stopped at the dollar store and she got some kitchen things: spatula's, tongs, pasta spoon and a couple other things.  Then we stopped at Walmart for a few groceries and got her some Ivory body wash for .47, after coupon.

I now have $11 in RiteAid Plenti Points and I like how the new program doesn't require you to use them up in 2 weeks. Some weeks there just isn't anything on sale that I want or need or some weeks I just don't get time to figure out and plan the deals.

I was thinking the other day that I no longer have any magazines that I subscribe to. I had several - most all gotten free using points but they expired and I don't do the Dasani water (Coke rewards points) any more. I buy cheap Walmart brand water. Today I came across a good deal for a years subscription to ALL YOU magazine, so I went ahead and got that. This magazine typically has quite a few coupons included in it, so I imagine it will pay for itself and I'll have a magazine to read again. I miss my magazines, like Family Circle and Woman's Day.  Just stuff to browse through without much thought involved after a long day of work and commuting (it took me almost 2 hours to get home Tuesday).

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