Wednesday, September 9, 2015


At the end of this month is my 10 year anniversary with my employer. This is now the longest I have worked somewhere. My other longest was 9 1/2 years. After that I had 5 years off as a SAHM and then worked at a place 1 1/2 years (they outsourced half my job and I needed full time) and then another 3 years at another place.

I am SO curious what my 10 year anniversary gift will be! Why? Because every past employee who had their 10 year anniversary got a paid trip for two to Hawaii to stay in owners condo. I had always had that trip in my 5 years I was like "only 5 more years until I get that trip" and it was a countdown. Then a few years ago the owner left (ie was forced to leave) the company and since then no one else has come up on their 10 yr anniversary.  So, now what will they do?  Knowing my luck it will now just be some minor thing, like "oh hey, here's a $100 gift card to go to dinner somewhere"......It always seems like as soon as it's my turn or as soon as I get in on a benefit - the policy changes. That job I held for 3 years prior to this one? It has a super awesome benefit of an 8 hour day, with a one hour PAID lunch break. So, it was a 35 hour work week and got paid for 40 hours. It had always been that way. I got to enjoy it for a whole few months and then after all those years of it being a perk, they dropped it. I was pretty mad because I had another job offer at the same time as this one and one of the main reasons I choose that job was because of that perk.

And if it was a trip, could we even feel one bit comfortable leaving this house for a week? Not even likely. DH gets nervous if we have to leave it unattended even for a few hours. I think the only reason they have not broken into good neighbors place, while he is at work all day, is because they know DH is home and watching.

I guess I will know in a couple of weeks :)

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