Wednesday, June 17, 2015

See what I meant? (or learning our security camera system)

Getting our camera security system program installed on DH's new computer learned me some new skills on how to navigate my way around the program. I even learned how to replay video and capture a photo of it! It's kind of a neat system, once you can figure it out.

Here is last Saturday afternoon....when the quad riding had moved to the front of the neighbors house and quieted down for about 15 minutes. Our system doesn't produce the highest resolution photos (and this was snapped from a video replay) but here you see looking out from our front door (our garage/shop is off to the right). Pay particular attention to the upper left of the screen - over the fence out front...... the air is all clear and calm.

Here is what it looked like 5 minutes later, when the quad started riding in the back of their property again. You can't even see their climbing toy or their house and outbuildings anymore.

That is basically the amount of dirt they were blowing for almost 6  straight hours! (not to mention the noise) Luckily it was blowing just a bit away from us, but after the 3rd time the wind shifted and blew it into our open garage, I had had enough and I left a voice mail with the neighbors, very nicely asking if they could please water down the area a bit, so we all weren't getting dusted out. I really don't think that was out of line, given the amount of dirt they were flinging into neighbors! (the poor lady who lives to the right of their property!) Or maybe I am just a cranky old lady, who should just stay in her house and mind her own business, LOL.


  1. That's a pretty big dust cloud! I would be upset as well ... people can be so selfish and rude.


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