Wednesday, June 17, 2015

I can't think of a good title.....

The week was just plugging along and hit a snag yesterday. I was doing my (pretty much) daily online check at my bank account and my PayPal account where I have a debit card that I use for just about everything. There is a pending charge on it for Jos A Banks for $25.  %*$&$ was my reaction. Fraud again. I didn't buy anything there and it certainly isn't DH's dress style.  I can't dispute it until it becomes "completed" status. I was hoping to log in this morning and see it in that status so I could get the dispute started and get this taken care of.  Over the past couple of years I have now had fraud twice on this card and once on my regular checking account debit card.  The part that is making me nervous is that I can't dispute it until it comes out of "pending" status, but the disclaimer in PayPal always says that this pending charge may not be the final amount that goes through. Hopefully tomorrow I can get this taken care of.

It is so dry here this year. DH keeps watering and our lawn is still almost all brown. Not a normal June around here. DH talked to a friend last night who knows a good deal about lawns and he said it's basically August around here. He has a much smaller yard and said he is watering twice a day and can't keep it green, so we are just going to give up on it this summer. With the size of our lawn DH would be spending 4 hours a day trying to water and move sprinklers around.  Plus with the drought we are basically experiencing we don't want to put a strain like that on our well. (see - we are conscientious neighbors! LOL) We'll just have to keep the trees, plants and flowers watered.

My Fridays off work basically start on July 3. That is a paid holiday for the company and then I'll use up some of my vacation days for the rest of the Fridays for July and August. It will be nice to have 3 day weekends and hopefully get a few projects done. Mostly painting rooms inside the house. DD wants to repaint her bedroom also. So that makes 3 rooms to repaint. Not my favorite thing to do, but needs to be done.


  1. That is quite a lot of fraud. We have had it maybe twice in 15 years. Not paypal though - we don't use it with a card.

    Sorry about the drought. We have been through that for years and are just getting some relief. What might help is epsom salt. You can get it at the feed stores - maybe an Ace Hardware. It absorbs the water and then slow releases it. Also, water at night. It won't evaporate and it will give it time to soak in. You can do one zone per night. It is how we kept our lawn form dying with minimal water year after year.

    Good luck - not my favorite either!

    1. Unfortunately, I think our lawn in a lost cause at this point. There is just too much lawn and doing only one area per night would be even less water than it's was getting. He was watering the front yard and the "top" back yard (and leaving the rest to dry) every night and that wasn't even enough to keep from going brown. Just too big of yard and just the weather we are going to have this year. We usually get average 2" of rain in May - we got 1/2" and June is going to be even worse. I'm glad this wasn't the year we tried to plant all the shrubs and trees we planted the 2 years prior!