Friday, June 5, 2015

Blogger issues

Well, for some reason, since last night, I can no longer reply to comments.  It shows I am logged into my google/blogger account, but when I try to reply to comments within a post, it will not show me logged into my google account. I had hoped I'd log in this morning and whatever the glitch is would be gone. I'm tired of trying to figure out problems!  But on another note, I can finally see who follows my blog again. Win some -  lose some, eh?

So, to reply to Janelle and Jennifer from yesterday's post:

Janelle - I use an "add-on" to Firefox called PriceBlink. Whenever I am looking at something to buy it usually pops up a header at the top of my screen showing cheaper prices and links. It has saved me some bucks!

Jennifer - there are cheaper types of running boards, but these one are more expensive, I guess, because they are polished stainless steel and because they are wheel to wheel length. DH has same polished stuff as rail caps and a really nice tool box, so he wanted to stay with the same look.

An anti-virus program I have on my computer did an update yesterday, so that is probably why I can't make comments - probably blocked it or something. GAH!!!

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  1. Sometimes the internet(and dealing with it)is just a big ball of suck, isn't it?