Tuesday, May 26, 2015


I got a wonderful surprise email on Sunday from my half sister. She and her boyfriend had been on vacation and were driving back home through my area and she'd like to stop and see me. We have been in contact several years, but have not seen each other in over 30 years! They got here late yesterday afternoon and we visited awhile and then went out to dinner. DD was still home, so she was really excited that she was able to meet her half-aunt, too.  They spent the night in a nearby hotel and today we are going to spend the day together, having breakfast and doing some sight seeing around the city. It's been really special being able to see each other (we share a father) and I'm also very grateful I have a job where I can just text me boss last night and tell her I need today off :) 


  1. How wonderful! I hope you guys have a good day together.

  2. That is amazing - 30 years? So glad you all getting the time together!

  3. Actually 33 years! We saw each other a few times as children and then she moved to Canada. We saw each other one more time when I was 18 and after that completely lost touch and how to get a hold of each other/married names, etc. Several years ago, I finally found her on Facebook after about a 6 month search.