Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Mid week ramblings

This morning I had my quick medical exam for my life insurance policy I have applied for. I had to fast and not eat anything this morning until 9:30. I was starving and feeling light headed by the time I got done at almost 10am. I did drink lots of water, which is a good thing because they did not tell me I was going to have to give a urine sample. For once, I had a good blood draw. One poke and she was done. Usually I'm all poked up (and then bruised up) by the time they try to draw one or two little vials of blood.  I really think it depends on who is doing it. This lady obviously knew what she was doing...which you think they all would when that is their job 8 hours a day! I'm 5'4 1/2" and weigh 124 pounds.  I miss my 35 years of 110 pounds LOL.  Wonder how much the quote for the life insurance will end up now.  Probably even higher.

I went back home for a whole 40 minutes (and worked) until it was time to leave again for my dentist appointment. Finally, I now have my 2 permanent veneers on. It's only been a 3 month process - good grief! I can smile confident and feel good about having my pictures taken again (though the temporaries that had been on for the past 3 months looked good too). I'll be back there again next week for my 4 month cleaning appointment. The dental assistant and I are getting to know each other quite well, haha.

Then I headed over to the bank where my home equity loan resides. I received a statement from them a few days ago saying I was past due a payment. How in the heck is that possible, when, prior to filing for bankruptcy in 2010 I had it on auto pay and since then every.single.month. since August of 2010 I have stopped in that bank on the last day of the month and made a payment. Well, apparently they just had a big computer change (and I knew this because this is also the bank that the company I have my side job with, uses, and the statements and online viewing is all messed up) and these past due loan statements went out in error. Whew!

But, I still had another issue to have them figure out. Since February I have started paying a little extra each month.  This statement showed my lower balance, but it only reflected the 2nd payment I paid extra. Where is the first amount I paid extra? The bank teller had no idea, and of course because of their new system could now not look back in their system and check. So, she took notes of what my problem is and said someone from the loan department will get in touch with me.  They need to explain what the heck they did with my extra $63.69.

DD has been trying to organize all what classes she will be taking for the rest of her degree(s) program. She had hoped this summer internship she is lining up could be used for an internship for credit class that is offered. She ended up speaking with 3 different people about it the other day. It's not an acutal class you attend - just do your internship and write up a paper about it and a professor ok's it and you get credit. Finally she was passed on to the professor for that "class" who she explained that she switched majors from supply chain mgmt to ops mgmt, but she already had this internship lined up and could she get credit from the internship class? He told her no, it was only available to supply chain mgmt students. She decided she was going to speak to her adviser again and keep pushing for it......then I talked to her on the phone yesterday and said "well, when you talked to the prof. did you also tell him that you were still MINORING in supply chain mgmt?? OMG, No! she didn't.  She was like "how dumb am I?"  So, she has a meeting with him today to explain that she is still part of this program as a minor. I would think she should be able to use this internship as credit for it!  Keeping fingers crossed.  I should be hearing back from her soon about it.


  1. Kind of an uneven sort of day for you. Good/good on the insurance physical and the veneers, good you're the mom and have experience to guide DD through the wilds of college credits. Hopefully your bank gets the computer problems squared away. I feel sorry for those poor tellers and customer service people who are having to field on the questions until they get it ironed out.