Sunday, April 5, 2015

Weekend odds and ends

Friday was a half day for work (and I worked from home, so no commute!) and I did not have to go in for jury duty! Double YAY! The jury duty is for every Friday this month but I have to call into the recorded line on Thursdays to listen to the recording and see if I have to go in on Friday. I finally got around to calling around noon Thursday and the recording said no jury trials are scheduled for this Friday OR the next, so I am off the hook for at least the first 2 Fridays :)

So, I got a jump start on Saturdays chores. I got the weekly grocery shopping done. Dumb idea. I thought that a noon on a Friday Walmart might not be too busy, but it was packed. Guess schools are out and no one else was working either. Dinner was easy - 2 steaks and baked potatoes. I like dinners that can be made in 15 minutes!

I've gotten used to DD being gone and doing things and errands on my own, but I still need to get myself out of the mindset that, when she will be home, she will hang out and do stuff with me! Bah! Now that she has a boyfriend, when she is home, it's most all spent with him and I keep trying to make plans for her and I to go do something (like have her go flower/garden shopping with me next Saturday) and I need to just stop doing that - I am on my own now, LOL.

And my half sister seems to have gotten very distant the past few months, so that adds to my "alone-ness" feeling of late. We used to email a couple of times a week - for the past few years - and now it's maybe once a month I hear from her. Never having a sister (or brother) all my life it was great to connect with her a few years ago and develop a close friendship (we live 1000 miles apart/she in Canada) but I guess that is past too. I miss it.

I picked up a small turkey when I was grocery shopping (it was too much money for it, but we'll get a couple of dinners out of it and lots of sandwiches) and I am making that today for dinner. Except I forgot gravy and I can't make gravy to save my life, so I'm going to have to go back to the store today.

I went to Home Depot yesterday morning. Got there about 9:30 and it was packed with people already too. I hate crowds. They were advertising 6 packs of annual flowers 5 for $10, but all's they had in were pansies. I picked up 4 packs to plant around the base of the tree in front yard, but other than that I tend to go toward petunias, lobelia and marigolds. They had some of those but only in the single little pots and for the amount I need it would be way to expensive. So, it was kind of a bust to get home and have nothing really to plant.  DH surprised me though and had all the weeds pulled from around the tree, so that was really nice. I also picked up some wire baskets with the coco liners in them to hang on the arbors. Now I just need the flowers! The lady at the store said in 2 more weeks.

Then I stopped at Ross to look at their wind chimes again. I picked a cute one that is like an old lock and keys hanging from it. DH liked it. I also picked up a little lantern with a fake candle in it to put out on the whiskey barrel planter made into a table in our fire pit area. Both were only $8.

So, DH had the wheelbarrow out for me and had weeded around the tree and I got home with not much to to. We got the flowers planted and a few leftover to put in a small pot at our front door. He hung the windchime and put the screws in the arbors to get ready for the hanging baskets.  Then I planted the sweet pea flower seeds out at the back arbor. I hope they grow! I have never planted seeds before. I think I might have gotten them too deep though :/

Dinner was another easy fix - spaghetti and french bread.  And I'll have leftovers to take to work for lunch Monday and Tuesday.  Today I really need to get the vacuuming done.


  1. I really miss my kids and get quite lonely with just hubby, so I try to stay busy to fight off the blues.

    1. I try to stay busy at home too, but I don't much enjoy going shopping and running errands all by myself. I did get a sweet text message from DD last night saying she has Sunday free to do stuff with me for some "momma and daughter time". And this morning I finally got an email from my half-sissy.