Monday, April 13, 2015

Back to Monday

It was an ok weekend. DD got home Friday night. She spent all day Saturday with her boyfriend so I only got to see her a little bit in the morning and she got back after I went to bed. I got the grocery shopping done in the morning. I didn't need to fill up with gas, since I had nearly a full tank left from only driving to the office one day last week. I was in search of maple bars, though! Walmart is always out of them by the time I am there Saturday morning (9:30) and so I tried the next store down the street (where I usually get gas) and they were out too. I passed another store on my way home, so pulled in there and found a case loaded with donuts :)  DH likes the maple bars and I like just about everything else's our weekly treat and since I didn't get any last week, so I was determined to find some dang maple bars in this town :)

Then I got the dusting and vacuuming done. It was a rainy, cold day so I just stayed inside and worked some more on my knitting. So far so good and no mistakes. It was free HBO and Showtime on our cable this weekend so I watched some movies the rest of the afternoon/evening.

Yesterday DD and I hung out for awhile. The weather was better, but still cold and we spent most of it outside in garden centers.  The stores still do not have in their big shipments of packs/flats of annuals yet, but I still managed to spend $166! But first we stopped and got some coffee. The first garden center I got some Wave Petunias. I have seen these for years in the stores, but have always gotten the "regular" petunias. I looked them up online, before heading out to shop, wondering what makes them so special and more expensive. Apparently they grow huge and one plant can spread out several feet. I decided these would work great in the 4 hanging baskets I want to make for the arbors and should only need a couple plants per each basket, if they get that big. I also bought some other stuff I can't remember the name of to fill in the baskets.  Then DD and I saw these cutest metal wire bicycle planters in two sizes. I liked the smaller one better and it was $40. I hemmed and hawed over it and then the sweet lady that works there said they were on sale 25% off, so I decided to get it. She also had a good idea that it would be really cute during Christmas time with xmas flowers/decorations, so I said she sold me on it!

Then we headed to another store's garden center to look at some perennial plants on sale.  We found what I was looking for, along with a sweet cat, who had apparently decided the garden center is his home away from home and was loving all the attention.  Once someone would leave, he'd just move on to the next person. I bought two fairly good sized "Pieris" plants in 2 gallon pots.

Next stop was the restaurant across the street for some pie! We hadn't stopped and had pie together in quite awhile. Yum.

The last stop was the to the guy who sells plants out of his front yard for very low prices. I just love this guy/place. I found exactly what I was looking for in clematis plants for the front arbor. I bought 4 - 2 that have purple flower and 2 with white. They should mix and mingle as they grow.

Then it was home to a crabby DH, who threw a temper tantrum because I didn't buy the type of perennial shrub he had wanted me to buy. Never mind that I showed him the store ad earlier in the week with this plant as the one I was thinking of getting. So, I calmly said "well, I can just return them to the store then and get the other kind (a small hedge type evergreen shrub that grows super slow and will never get more than a couple feet high/wide). But he keeps digging the whole, bitching at me the whole time. Then asks me where I want to plant the second bush and I say I don't know - you were the one who said you wanted two shrubs for back in this area. He complains some more about how he never gets what he wants and his life sucks and I snapped and said "well, then stop digging the hole and I'll take it back!" Then he's mad that I had the gall to get mad back at him! Obviously he was going to be mad no matter what and just wanted an excuse to feel sorry for himself and blame me. I just walked back into the house and started making banana bread. When he was done and came back in I had to listen to him yell about it some more that he wanted some kind of plant that stays green all year, not the stupid "flower" plants I keep buying and that will just be a "sticks" in the winter. Plus he wanted something to grow and block some of the view of the drug neighbors behind us.

I didn't even bother saying anything more to him. The shrubs I bought are evergreen (they just get some small flowers on them in later winter/early spring and will grow several feet wide by 5-6 feet tall.......compared to the 2'x2' shrub he wanted! Not to mention these plants are gorgeous with about 4 different colors going on.  Here is a picture of one full grown and they stay green year round and do not lose their leaves.

Like DD said to me - A year from now he'll be saying how much he likes these shrubs and when I remind him what a fit he threw about them, he'll say they were his idea!