Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April has arrived

April is here! This is the month I get to try planting the sweet pea flower seeds I bought for the back arbor. Saturday is looking the best day so far, but still not that great at only about 57 degrees. I want to put clematis on the front arbor, but I think those are actual plants I have to buy, not seeds. As soon as my local guy, who sells plants from his front yard at great prices, opens up for the season I will go see what he has. He's always my first choice for perennials because most everything he has is only $5 for a plant in a gallon container. My second place I try to visit and buy from is a nursery just down the road from us. I think he's been in business longer than we have lived here (25 years) and housing developments have gone up all around him, but he's still there. He's kind of pricey but when I need knowledge to go along with my purchase I choose him over the home improvement stores garden centers. We have bought several large trees from him and the ground cover we put out by our fence.  I want to also plant some creeping thyme back under one of the big trees in the back yard and will probably end up getting that from him - unless my $5 guy has some!

My new "teeth" are still MIA. LOL. I was supposed to have my dental appointment today to get my permanent veneers put on (rescheduled from two weeks ago) but got another call on my way home from work yesterday that they still have not shown up.  Dentist office lady is getting a bit frustrated, so instead of making yet another appointment that she has to cancel on me, she is going to get ahold of the place that they have make the veneers and find out what is taking so long. I think it's been 5 weeks now. I'm fine. The temporaries look great and so much better than before.

Friday our office is closing at noon......Friday is also my first day of jury duty. Watch my luck - I'll get half a day off work and end up having to spend it all at the courthouse. I have to call the recorded line sometime tomorrow to find out if I have to go in, apparently. Maybe they shouldn't hold court on Good Friday ;)

DD told me last night she will be coming home for the weekend after this weekend. I asked why so soon (not that I'm complaining!) and she said she doesn't have much to do on most weekends other than study and her roomie is still being an immature brat, so she'd just rather be home and hang out. She doesn't have her first class on Mondays until noon this quarter, so she can also spend Sunday night home and head back up on Monday morning. She got back up to school Monday night (after spring break week) around 10:20 (roomie had just gotten back just before her). DD said "hi!- how was your break? I'll be back in a few minutes, I have more bags to get out of my car. " DD said she got back and roomie had all the lights off in their room and was laying in her bed watching Netflix! And then says to DD..."oh I guess you can turn the light back on if you need to".  I told DD just to call her out on her crappy attitude.  I did that once years ago (in my mid 20's) with a rude bitchy co-worker and suddenly she got all flustered and didn't know what to say. She was fairly nice after that. haha.  I told DD she only has to put up with her 11 more weeks and then be done with her and dorm life.


  1. sharing dorm rooms is no fun, but as you said she only has to deal with it for another 11 weeks.

  2. Yay spring flowers, I can't wait to see your pics!