Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The first credit card

DD has been approved for her very first credit card! Yay!  Eeek!  She has tried a couple of times over the past year (after she turned 18) to apply for a couple of store cards (Target and Kohls) but got denied due to no credit history.  While she was home over Thanksgiving she got an offer in the mail from Discover geared toward college students, so she decided to go online and apply and was approved. She now has a card with a $500 limit and earns cash back.

I think she will be very responsible with it. We've talked about it enough for her to know she needs to pay it off in full every month, if she uses it, and wants to avoid paying the high interest like the plague. I think it will be a good money management lesson for her. The card came in the mail last week, while she was at school, but she got home last night and activated it and walks out into the living room and says "let's go shopping, I have a credit card to charge up!.......oh wait? that's not what I'm supposed to do?!"  Smart aleck!


  1. Good for her! She with be able to build her credit history. With what you've told us about her, I'm sure she will be responsible with it.

  2. My oldest son also got that college student Discover card right before he graduated and got his degree.
    It's a good tool for students if they are ready for it which he wasn't until he was 21. Your daughter seems to have her head on right about money earlier than he did. lolz

  3. Oohhhhhhh another day I dread .... right after getting the drivers license & getting the first girlfriend .... getting the first Credit Card!