Sunday, December 7, 2014

Ho Ho Ho.....with a Bah Humbug feeling

                                                   Can you believe it is only

I decorated last weekend.  It's a good thing I did it before the latest crappola with my son, otherwise I probably wouldn't have much been in the mood to get it done. I took this picture yesterday, so now it's only 18 more days!

                    Here's my attempt at a Christmas-y Home

                                               (complete with my thumb in the picture!)

I'm waiting on a red and white snowflake duvet cover I ordered from Ebay, as well as a Sherpa throw blanket to put on the end of the bed. I will need a few Christmas-y pillows and pillow cases, too.  Hopefully it all will get shipped before Christmas so I can use it this year, but if not, I'll have it to start using next year.

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