Saturday, August 17, 2013

A clearance deal today

I had a $5 Kohl's "reward" for joining their rewards program and I needed a new pajama top. I don't need anything fancy, just something short sleeved to wear with my pj bottoms. I had hoped with the coupon to spend $10 or less. Well, everything was either tank top types or long sleep shirt types. The only ones I liked in my style were $25 - on sale, regularly $35 - for a sleep shirt! Another, was basically just a plain old t-shirt - for $20. I might as well go buy a regular t-shirt for $8 in their woman's clothing dept.  I'm standing there holding pretty much my only option (which was pretty cute) and DD says "oh, just splurge for yourself on it", I begrudgingly take it and start to follow her over to the pantyhose section and I'm passing by a clearance rack of sleepwear.  A plain blue sleep t-shirt....I couldn't tell from all the half torn off price stickers stacked on each other, but it looked like it was down to $6.80 (regularly $22 - good grief!). Ok, I'll take this one instead. We get up to the register and it rings up at $2.20!! Now that's my kind of deal. We applied the rest of the $5 off coupon toward DD's pantyhose.


  1. I LOVE deals like that! They are usually so spur-of-the-moment too! Excellent find!

  2. Love to prowl the Kohl's clearance racks! Got the 30% off coupon and found some great bras for under $10 EACH - so I was thrilled! (I've always said if I was gonna wear Victoria's Secret bras I'd be wearing them OVER my clothes for what they cost!! ha ha!). You can really find some amazing deals on Kohl's Clearance racks. And I'm always thinking ahead for gifts, etc. (which all go in my front bedroom closet "collection!"). Love Kohl's but only on $ale!

  3. Gotta love Kohl's clearance! We were there today - but just to get older son a shirt to wear for school pix on Tuesday. Plain t-shirt, that's all - & God forbid I look around at all. I have a $10 coupon to spend & the shirt only came to $8 LOL. I'll have to go back - BY MYSELF - in order to spend $10! Glad you found what you wanted & for such a steal!