Thursday, June 20, 2013

Still on the merry-go-round

or is it the roller coaster?  DS got a call this morning from the recruiter lady that BIG computer company uses. During his last interview, which was with a different division within the company, a guy from the recruiting office, who works with recruiter lady, had also been at the interview. DS said after the interview was over he walked him out, as he was heading to his car too. DS said they stood in the parking lot and talked for like an additional 15 minutes.

Well, either recruiter lady told recruiter guy what was going on or the dept manager. who DS phoned yesterday after he got the call that there was no job going to be offered, got ahold of the recruiting department and things are rolling again.  Recruiter guy had apparently been very impressed with DS and said he has calls back into both managers that interviewed DS to work on getting him an entry level job, as he feels DS would be a good fit and worthy employee for them to have.

So, back to fingers and toes being crossed that something finally comes of this job interview ride.

Oh, and I got some more good news today. An email from my mortgage company that an escrow review had recently been done. I have a check for $160.53 coming and starting Sept. 1st my mortgage payment is going down $31.11 a month! 


  1. Sounds like it's all positive stuff!
    Let's hope this ball keeps rolling. ;-)

  2. A bonus chq. and a drop in the mortgage? Good stuff!! :)