Friday, June 28, 2013

Start your engines......

Things can change fast in the racing world. You can go from sitting around wondering when you'll get a chance to race again and then all of a sudden you have to scramble to get your stuff together and go race. DS has been making plans to go race up in Canada in a few weeks, for a guy who lives up there. Well, he called this morning and wants him up there this weekend! Many phone calls and tweaks to the plan later - DS is busy putting his engine back in his car and loading his race car and related gear into his trailer and will be heading out for a 15 hour drive tomorrow. Apparently he's going to be a temporary Canadian for the next month or two, staying up there and getting some races in - with his own race car and racing the car of the guy he will be staying with, depending which type of racing is going on each weekend. He's also been told they'll put him to work with miscellaneous stuff, including website work, and pay him $500 a week. Hmm....this sounds strangely like what was supposed to happen when he went to Australia, only the engine kept breaking down and it kept raining every time it was race day...and for some reason the work never materialized much.....At least he's got his own equipment this time - a car and engine meticulously taken care of and it's summer, lets hope it stays dry up there. So far, the 10 day forecast shows hot and dry!

The guy is paying his all expenses to get up there, to race and to stay up there. Can't beat that deal. I added Roadside Assistance to our car insurance for the vehicle he is taking and I called and luckily it does cover Canada too, so that was a relief. And at least while he is staying up there he will have his own vehicle to drive if he wants to go somewhere. If he can get up there by Sunday morning, he will get in 2 days of practice, as the guy has actually rented the track out for Sunday and Monday. Very nice!

I am hoping the rest of us can get up there at the end of July to watch him race a couple of times. The trip will have double duty - I'll FINALLY get to see my half-sister I have not seen in 30 years and reconnected with a couple of years ago. She lives about an hours drive from where DS will be, so it should all work out to get a good visit in with her and her girls. I'm so excited.'s racing and things change just like that!


  1. Just wondering - what happens if he gets a job offer here in US while in Canada?

    1. Most likely he'll tell them he can start in 2 weeks and load up and come back home. He can be back in a couple of days if necessary. The guy he's racing for is even willing to fly him back up there on the weekends he's racing in his car.