Saturday, June 8, 2013

Saturday rambles

Well, I ended up making $55 with my yard sale stuff and DD made $58. We are happy! Not sure how much my mom made, but quite a bit, I'm sure. She always does well. I don't know where she had all that stuff in her small, not a thing out of place, home!

Then we went to the little plant sale where a local guy has a little nursery he operates out of his home, that I found online at Craigslist. What a great selection and nice plants he has. He has nice laminated big pictures of each type clipped to each group of plants with info about it, so it was easy to see what the plant will look like full grown. We bought 3 plants. Two of them, I don't even remember what they are now - flowering shrub types and one strawberry plant, just for fun. 3 1-gallon plants for $15! Can't beat that. I will definitely be using this guy from now on whenever I want perennials to plant in the yard.  Wish I had known about him the past few weeks, when I have spent $40 on 3 plants....all ones he had for sale at $5 each.

I helped DH out in the very back of our property today. We took down the black poultry fencing he had up in the front yard - to keep the dogs off of the area, to kind of re-seed some spots that had gotten ruined because that's where the dogs walk out the front door to pee.  We staked it up across the very back of our property. It will work not to make sure the dogs don't head on down the embankment and off our property in the back. We can't afford more chain link fencing and this works  and from the distance of the house it almost looks like black chain link. The dogs don't go back that far too often, but once in awhile we have to remind them to not go past that area.

Then me and one of the dogs (the lazy one!) took a nap for about an hour or so while DH and the other dog mowed the lawn. DD came home from work - all excited that she got to be a server for about an hour, as a trial to see how she did. She had no idea they wanted her to do that, but one of the servers couldn't come in today and the person covering for her couldn't stay the whole shift so they had DD take over. She got to serve 4 tables and made $25 in tips! She thought it was great and was nervous a bit, but all in all enjoyed it. Usually they don't have servers under the age of 18 (she's still 17) but she is a hard worker and they see that.  Maybe she'll get to cover again when someone is off, once in awhile.

I got the mail today and in it was a bill from my regular dentist for $107.21. WHAT?! I had already paid them $93.76 from that visit when I left the office. I got online with my dental insurance and looked at the EOB. Well, they had paid part of the claim, but on the part for the "core buildup" of the temporary tooth, the insurance denied it and coded it that they wanted  a narrative/images before they will determine benefits. Well, then give it to them - don't just bill me for the balance!! So, I printed a copy of my EOB with that info circled and the part of the bill they are trying to say I still owe and am going to fax it to their office on Monday morning. I wonder how many people would just assume that their insurance processed it all and that they still owe it and pay it?

I still don't feel that well, but at least I'm not sick enough that it's stopped me from doing stuff today. It's too nice out to have to stay in bed or lay on the couch.


  1. I hate surprise bills. Always drives me crazy!

  2. I agree with you - how many people just go ahead and pay the bill. I feel sorry for a lot of older adults these days who don't have anyone to help them sort things out. With the way insurance is it can get very confusing! Good thing you caught it - it takes them forever (if ever!) to realize an overpayment. Better in your pocket than theirs! My husband is good at it - thankfully! (he'd better not croak before I do or I'll be one of those old people not having anyone to help me figure it out! ;-) )