Sunday, June 30, 2013

Preparing for the end

The dying experience is really a fascinating process, if you really sit down and take a close look at it. My mom was given a pamphlet awhile back. It's basically a little handbook that explains the process the body and mind go through as an elderly person approaches the end of their life. It appears my 95 year old grandmother is starting this process. Just this week she has taken a decline. She is not in any pain (thank goodness!), nor with a specific illness, but the signs of approaching death are starting to appear. Lots of sleeping, loss of appetite, change in body temperature from cold to hot and back, loss of the little energy she had to sit up and walk a bit. All this is explained in this little pamphlet, explaining that their body, mind and soul energy is changing from a physical one to a spiritual one.

I got a chance to stop in and see her yesterday. My mom was there and grandma had just woken up from a nap. She was just lying there in her bed, looking so small and frail, but once she saw me she had the biggest smile on her face. She never said anything to us, she just looked and smiled at me the whole time until about 10 minutes later she was back to sleep for another nap.

I think she's ready to go. She's mentioned that often enough, the past couple of years, even. It's amazing how a person can keep holding on to life. Who knows, she keeps surprising us. Next week she might just be back to her old self! It could also be that she's waiting to see my uncle before she leaves this life. Mom and I talked about that and felt he should come for a visit (he's about a 3 hr drive away) - maybe that's just what she's waiting for. We were all with my dad during his last days, except for my oldest step brother who lived 3000 miles away at the time. When he finally got to the house one evening after flying in, my dad passed away 3 hours later. I'm sure he was just waiting for his last child to know he was there before he left us.

Grandma's ready, I know. I just pray it's a peaceful in her sleep passing, like my grandpa had 15 years ago. I'm sure she's so ready to see him again!


  1. Oh I am sorry. We are having the funeral for our grandmother next weds. I so know how you feel. I visited her last sunday and today she is gone. She did go peasefully and for that I am grateful. My thoughts are with you!

  2. It is hard to say goodbye but it appears she is ready to go.

    Something that gave me comfort when my parents passed -

    1. Jean - what a coincidence! The little booklet we gave is entitled "Gone from My Sight" and at the end of it has this poem.

  3. I'm so sorry... :( We had a great loss this week.. he was only 33 though. Soo very hard.

  4. Peace be with you and your family. It's a fact of life, but not an easy one to lose those we love. My grandma died in her 90's too. And she would say, "I'm tired, I'm ready to die." She lived a long, hard, fulfilling life, and her body was tired. Her mind was tired. She just wanted eternal rest. Thankfully she died in her sleep. Praying for you and your family at this time. I'm sure she knows you are all there - which hopefully gives you all comfort.

  5. I have to agree with you--the death process is fairly interesting. When my mom was dying, just talking to the Hospice nurses was both interesting and comforting. Most people these days have no idea about death and dying (the stuff you see on TV isn't really factual). I hope your grandmothers goes peacefully.

  6. thinking of you and your family and hoping your grandmas passing is peaceful.

  7. I will be thinking about you. It is easier on the family when the person dying has had a long, full life and is ready to go.

  8. I'm so sorry - my grandma will be 94 in August & I will never be ready to let her go. I lost my dad way too young (he died 10 years ago at age 57) & I just feel like I can't do it again. I told her she can make it to 100 - no problem! You & your family are in my thoughts-