Sunday, June 23, 2013

A fun Saturday

DH finally got out of the house yesterday. He and DS spent the day/evening at some races and I finally got a couple of hours to myself before DD got home from work. It almost didn't happen. I went to wake DH up so he could get ready to go with DS and he said he didn't feel good, so wasn't going to go. I said "you always feel bad when you first wake up, but once you get up and moving a bit you feel better", but he said no and went back to sleep. About 45 minutes later he got up and a half hour after that  he was feeling lots better so they finally left! Sounds like they had a good time and that always helps his mental state to get out of this house and do something. He had originally wanted to go to all 3 nights of the racing (and he and DS stay in a hotel) and that would have ended up costing a good $400 for hotel, food and tickets to the races. I just agreed with him last week on it, because I knew he'd change his mind umpteen times about going and most likely not go. The first night was a rainout, so that took care of that. Then the second night changed his mind and said he wasn't going, but DS went anyway by himself and had fun, so that got DH wanting to go again for the last night. So, it all ended up costing me "only" $100.  I'll take that to get him out of the house for a change!

I honestly didn't do much! I watered my flowers and then went to a nearby store and got some new tennis shoes for DH to try out and $40 out of the cash machine. DD and I had talked about going down to the town's street fair going on this weekend and since I usually run out of energy by afternoon, I took a short nap and then she got home from work early (they were probably slow because people were either at the annual street fair or just out enjoying the sunny day) and we decided to go. We've never been to it before. The weather was great and we found some parking a few blocks away. We live in a suburb town of a big city/metropolitan area, about 35 miles outside of it. It's kind of a cute town, but we live even outside of that about 7 miles and with all the commercial growth and mall out where we live there really isn't much need to go downtown. When that growth happened years ago the downtown kind of died for awhile, but now it's mostly cute little antique shops, deli's and coffee shops and such, and a couple of nice parks.

Usually there is a Saturday Farmer's market going on in the park with lots of fruits and veggies, flowers and craft vendors. I thought most of these things would be included in the street fair booths, but no, not really at all, so was kind of disappointed. They are in the park next to the streets that the street fair was going on. Maybe they had all been there, in their normal spots but were gone when we got there because they usually close up and leave at 2pm. But you'd think with all those people there they would have stayed open to take advantage of all the sales. Most of the booths were more commercial type stuff and companies, not local artists and crafts people. We did stand in line for some scones with jam - and then took them to a shady spot under a tree in the park and enjoyed. We went into a couple of the antique shops and looked around, which was fun. The bad part was I have been getting headaches at the base of my skull most days lately, so I just didn't feel that great. I was hoping my trip to the chiropractor last week would help, but apparently not. On our way home we decided to stop in a fresh produce market that we always drive by but have never stopped at. They had lots of plants, flowers, fresh produce (and samples! the pineapple was yummy and DD tried a cherry for the first time), wine and cheeses and local honey and stuff. All kind of pricey - definitely a place for the yuppies to shop at. We bought some raspberries and some fudge ($8 bucks for about a 3 inch square!) and got back home around 4:30. We were both kind of tired from all the walking (me just cuz I'm out of shape and DD cuz she had already been on her feet for 4 hours at work) so we plopped on the couch and watched some TV. We had talked about going out to eat dinner somewhere but neither of us was super hungry, so I make some scrambled eggs with diced ham and cheddar cheese and then we watched a free movie on Demand - The Odd Life of Timothy Green - it was kind of a cute movie and passed the time and then we just watched some home shows - Love it or List It and another show about a company that stages homes for sale.

I went to bed about 10pm and was sleeping nice and soundly until the dogs went nuts at 2:30am because the guys were home. Apparently young pup thought they were intruders and displayed he has quite the mean bark! That's a good thing, but scared me out of a sound sleep. Today is rainy, so guess we won't be spending any time outside today. I'm on my second load of laundry, as almost everything I own is dirty and nothing to wear.  I think it will just be a house cleaning day, since I didn't do anything but dust yesterday. I do still need to get over to one of the garden centers for some Round up and more flowers to put in one of the half whiskey barrel planters we bought last weekend with DH's birthday gift card. I think I'll wait until DD gets home from work to go with me. It's no fun going by myself!

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