Sunday, October 21, 2012


Well, I was pretty darn close to my $50 goal for yesterday's grocery shopping trip. The total came to $51.45. I'm blaming the excess on DD :).  She ended up not having to work yesterday - a big miscommunication on her bosses part.  So, of course she wanted to go with me. I had to explain that this was a bare bones trip because I AM BROKE. She was actually quite helpful in throwing out cheap dinner ideas and we did add a couple of items to my list so we could make our own snacks.  Yesterday she made some banana nut muffins and a salmon dip that we eat with Ritz crackers (we already had the muffin mix in the cupboard and the stuff to make the salmon dip)  and I made some brownies. She took a look through the freezer and pulled out a bag that had a few quesadillas left in it, so that was what we had for lunch. I pulled out the lone frozen OJ and made that for another beverage choice to put in the fridge. Dinner was supposed to be chili and corn bread, but I totally messed up on pouring in the milk - I poured in 1 2/3 cups instead of 1 1/3 cup. I had to throw it out - Boo!.  I could have kept the total under $50, but 24 pack of soda was on sale for $5 each, limit three and this is an awesome stock up price that will save me more over the next few weeks, by not having to pay $7.50 or $8 per pack.

Today, I am making some banana bread with the 2 over ripe bananas I have left.  I'm still using up the fresh farm eggs my mom gave me awhile back, but with all the baking they are almost gone now. Makes me want chickens :) 

The puppy is on my $#&! list today. I thought he was laying behind me while I was at my desk this morning, chewing on this dinosaur sized chew bone. I turned around to make sure that was what he was still doing. Nope, he had moved on to chew on my tote bag I carry back and forth to work. Chewed up the handle and a hole in the bottom corner. Sigh.....It's not like it was some super expensive leather bag, but still! Maybe me and DD will stop by Goodwill and see if I can find something cheap to replace it. I do have a canvas bag I used to use, so I guess I will use that again for now.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. the joys of having a puppy, nothing is safe from those sharp teeth!


  2. Good job on the shopping trip! That's super close to budget!! :)

    Uh oh... Naughty puppy!! lol!