Tuesday, October 2, 2012

So is it a check I forgot or stolen?

DH's wallet is missing.  This is the wallet of a guy who barely leaves the house and if he does he doesn't usually even take his wallet because someone else is driving and he really doesn't like sitting on his wallet.  He went somewhere Friday and before that was a week and a half ago - when he did take his wallet to drive to my mom's when her house was broken into. He's been leaving his wallet on his desk next to his monitor.  Sometime around the same time he used it to go to mom's he also told Ds to go get some cash out of his wallet to buy some plywood.  DS said the wallet was laying by the monitor, he took out the money and set it back.  DH kind of remembers later that day sitting at his desk and opening his wallet to see how much he had left.  He doesn't think he took his wallet last Friday because DS drove, but he has a message into the friend he visited to see if it got left there by accident.

We have looked everywhere. At this point the only thing he could come up with is it might have been stolen by the teenage daughter of a couple who was visiting us on Saturday. We were all outside chatting and enjoying the sunshine and the girl asked to use the bathroom. I took her inside to show her where it was and then I went back outside. You have to walk though our family room, but DH's desk is off in the far corner and he has quite a few things on his desk, so unless she specifically
walked over there to his desk it wouldn't have been easy to notice from the distance of the bathroom area.  But she was in the house by herself, so certainly could have.  I didn't pay attention at all as to how long she stayed in the house.

Which then got me to thinking...my desk is also in this same room and I always leave my purse on the floor. Someone would actually have to walk up to my desk to see it sitting beside it. It's kind of hidden from view by a cabinet. Seems like she would have just been better to take the cash in the front of my purse (the wallet is built in front) but maybe didn't notice that and was just looking inside the purse, found my checkbook and decided to pull out a check?  We just don't know!  He just hasn't been anywhere enough to lose his wallet somewhere.  So, now do I stop payment on the check, if it was indeed stolen or do I get embarrassed if I did write it to somewhere and then have to explain it being stopped?  Frustrating, to say the least.  He's gong nuts trying to figure out where his wallet is and I'm going nuts trying to figure out if I wrote a check or not.

UPDATE: The wallet has been found! Thank goodness. Dh was about to drive us all nuts after 4 hours of searching and trying to figure out what might have happened to it. We had looked in every car but DS's (didn't think he had been in there) but there it was under the seat. He forgot the few minutes he jumped in DS's car at midnight one night to follow a car that had pulled in slow and turned around in our driveway. This was just after confronting the guy who was trying to sell my mom's diamond bracelet and DH thought it might be him, since he had DH's cell # and our license plate#. So....my missing check must just be from my stupidity afterall.


  1. I would put a stop on the check. Worse case if you really did right the check you explain and reissue. The fact that your husbands wallet is missing would make me think that yours is missing also

  2. Oh, I'm so glad DH found his wallet! It would've suck to go around cancelling and renewing all the documents in it. The check, could it have been that it was dropped and tossed with receipts or some other paperwork?

  3. Whew - glad it turned up sooner rather than later! Now.........just the check mystery yet to be solved! Can you check on-line banking every day to see if it gets posted?

  4. Yes, I have online banking so I will be checking every day to see if it clears. The check that was loose in my checkbook was the one I wrote and mailed Friday. The one that is missing would not have been tore out yet. I keep thinking maybe I made a mistake on the loose check when I was writing it and then used the next one, but I sure don't remember doing that or tearing up a check on Friday when I was paying bills.