Thursday, October 4, 2012

Over budget oops

A recent birthday celebration for my son's 21st birthday had me overspending what I had budgeted. At the time I was thinking to myself "OUCH!".  I didn't want to spend that much. Originally the plan was to take him to dinner at the Mexican restaurant we usually go to.  For the 5 of us it runs about $65. But then DS said he'd like to go to a different restaurant.  I did look their menu up online before we went just to get an idea of their prices and they were comparable to the other place so I thought I'd be ok.  The bill came to $118 with tax and tip.  Two things made the difference.  At the Mexican restaurant DS and his girlfriend always split a meal, at this restaurant they don't and we invited Grandma to come with us, kind of last minute. (I had thought she was going to be out of town, but it turned out she wasn't, so of course I invited her).

I took a look at my budget for this pay period to see where I could cut back a bit to make up for some of the extra in the birthday budget and actually came up with more than I needed.  Another bill I was expecting came in $40 under the budgeted amount. I had budgeted $110 for gas (auto) this pay period but an extra day working from home and less running around overall resulted in about $25 in gas saved. Even though I've already made up for the extra spent I'm still planning to try and cut my grocery bill when I go grocery shopping tomorrow.  I'm still working on the menu plan, but trying to plan a couple of super cheap meals.  Last night I pulled out a couple of cans of ravioli that had been in  the pantry for awhile and used up the corn on the cob my mom had given us, so managed a quick, cheap meal.

We don't usually go out to dinner for birthday celebrations. Usually I ask the birthday kid what they want for their birthday dinner and make that. But being 21 we kind of wanted to go out and at least let him order a drink and feel all adult. He's not the type that was going to go out partying and drinking with friends, so this was it :) The cake was cupcakes that DD made. 

Sometimes extra's come up not in the budget and I tried not to beat myself up too much over it and just looked for ways to make up for it, if I could. You only turn 21 once and it's kind of a big deal.


  1. Yes, turning 21 is definitely a big deal. You saved money in other areas so you probably won't miss the extra money you spent at the restaurant but, boy, doesn't it show you just how expensive restaurants are getting? I see now that we have to save restaurants for special occasions if we want to stay in budget.

  2. Yes, its a big deal! And to spend it with family is an even bigger deal, that is great!!!

  3. Totally agree - it IS a BIG DEAL!! And he'll remember it, too!

    Like you said just find a few other areas to cut back - a few cheap meals! (we LOVE the Zatarains Red Beans & Rice in flour tortillas - will lettuce/salsa/sour cream - oh man, DELISH!).

    1. Susie - that sounds yummy! I'm going to try that.

  4. 21 is a big deal! We do the same thing, for regular birthday they choose the meal at home but for the big ones we go out to eat. Plus you were able to find the extra money in other places.

    Happy Birthday to your son!

  5. He's a great kid and deserved a treat on his 21st :) Afterward he and his GF went to a movie and then were home pretty early (she had classes the next morning and she's not 21 yet). I'm glad I don't have to worry about him being out drinking and partying. Even though he's of age now, I'm a mom and I'd still worry!

  6. Sounds like you made it work just fine! :) I find sometimes shuffling around the budget is the only way to go! Happy 21st to your son!