Saturday, October 20, 2012

Murphy dropped by

Murphy dropped by - a couple of times today, in fact! First was when our furnace would not turn on this morning. Ugh! DH did his best (not knowing anything about heating) to check out the thermostat (that's 23 years old now) and clean the inside of it a bit to see if that helped. Checked to make sure the wires were getting juice. So, I had to call a repairman. Luckily he came right out within an hour. Took one quick look and said it's a bad "sequencer". Apparently they usually only last about 10 years. According to his records  he put one in for us 17 years ago! 10 minutes and $183 later he was done.  He did say that BigName heating company in our area charges $800 to fix this!

Then Murphy came in the mail. A bill from when DD had her wisdom teeth out for $104. Guess the insurance didn't pay as much as they expected. Guess I'll add that to the other stack of doctor bills I have to pay.  I think I should just crawl back in bed - it's nice and warm now, at least!


  1. well that sucks on both accounts. We haven't switched our furnace on yet, but we did have it serviced last month, so fingers crossed it will be fine.


  2. Ugh, I'm sorry! This was definitely not a good day for you!!