Friday, October 12, 2012

How I plan my grocery shopping trip

I'm getting ready to take a lunch break and go do my grocery shopping.  First I looked through the store's weekly ad to see what is on sale.  I make out a meal plan for dinners for the next week, add to my list what I need for the meals and then also add all the other miscellaneous items we need.  Then I get online with my grocery store and add any coupons or sale prices to my store card. I look through my coupons on hand (though most times I just know in my head if I have a coupon for something) and then I go online to one of my favorite coupon websites and use their coupon database search and go through my list and see if I can find any additional coupons I can use.

Here's are the coupons and discounts I have come up with for this trip, just by taking an extra 10 minutes or so to look:

Campbells Tomato and Chx noodle soup         -.40/4 (I have 2 of these so stocking up on 8)
Margarine                                                          -.75 (catalina coupon from last trip)
Lunchables - club card price 1.49 ea                -1.25/6 (catalina coupon)
Yakisoba                                                            -.50 (I have 2, makes for a cheap work lunch)
Miralax 30ct                                                      -4.00 (part of Dh's medicine needed)
canned chicken breast                                       -.75/2
Del Monte canned vegetable or fruit                 -.75/1 (wish I had more of these! this came in a             mailer)
Soup at hand                                                      -.75/2 (again good for work lunches)
Quaker chewy granola bars (4)                           store card special 1.88 ea (usually at least 2.50 ea)
dryer sheets                                                         -1.00
Crystal Light tea packets                                    -2.00/4 (Target catalina)
Plus I added some store club sale prices to my card for buns ($1.09 ea), bananas (.49/lb), and bath tissue ($5.00)

Just the coupons I have total $13.80, plus there will be additional savings with the adding the store club prices to my card.

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  1. That's awesome! Hope you find lots of deals. I'm always in the lookout for Crystal Light coupons, since that's pretty much all I drink other than water.