Saturday, September 8, 2012

Saved $47 today!

I filled DH's Lyrica prescription this morning (hopefully for the last time it will cost me out of pocket).  A couple of weeks ago or so when I was checking into trying to find a discount I came across a pharmacy discount card through the Lyica/Pfizer websites called "Together Rx Access program" card. Said it would help give a 25-40% discount on brand name drugs from certain pharmaceutical companies, with Lyrica being one of the drugs. I signed up for it and printed out the card. Put it in my purse, but then forgot about it when a couple of days later I discovered the income based free prescription assistance.

As I was driving over to Target this morning I remembered I still had that card. I figured I might as well try to use it on today's refill - any little bit of savings can help.  The pharmacy ran it through and instead of having to pay $250 total retail price (the amount I pay with Dh's insurance "pharmacy discount plan" would have been $202) I only had to pay $155!  What a nice discount that was.

Once all our medicine costs are under control (within the next month) I'm going to take a look at my overall income and expenses again, as so much has been changing the past month.  I still need to cancel DH's cell phone plan with Sprint and get him on T-Mobile, but to do that I want to purchase the $100/1000 minutes card and I will have to wait until the end of this month to have the funds to do that.  I was hoping to do that the first of September, but with all the doctor bills and medicines I just don't have the extra right now to make that investment of a new phone and plan.  I went through his cell bills the last 6 months to see his total call minutes used and his total number of texts.  Total was 718, which are .10 per minute or text with the T-Mobile prepaid card, so a total of $71.80 cost for 6 month on the T-Mobile plan.  vs. $256.56 I have paid Sprint for 6 months - a savings of $30 per month. 

We've mentioned once in awhile getting rid of our home land line phone and just having cell phones, but it's not sounding like that is really a savings. I was just talking to my boss about that the other day. She recently moved into a new home and was just planning to not get a land line anymore. She also uses Comcast bundled plan with phone, TV and internet. It would have actually cost her more per month to drop the land line and just have TV and internet, so she kept the land line on her bill...but they don't have a land line phone in their new house! Too funny. No one ever calls that number but sales and surveys, so she just didn't plug one in.


  1. Nice! That's really expensive for a perscription. I'm sure you will be using that card from now on.

    1. ND Chic - thanks for commenting! I found out recently that we qualify for the income based free prescriptions offered by the drug manufacturer. It takes about a month to process paperwork, so I am hoping they will be free starting with his next refill.

  2. Nice savings! We cancelled our land line a couple of years ago and I never missed it.I do miss T-Mobile as our cell phone provider. We never had a dropped call with them and their cell phones lasted forever. We are with Verizon right now (Hubby has to have it because his work has a contract with them, and they pay his cell phone bill), and I deeply hate them.