Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Happy Wednesday

I received DH's Crestor medication from the manufacturer in the mail yesterday. I wasn't sure exactly how it would be sent or how many pills. The application info said it may be sent to your home or doctor's office for pick up, but it was mailed to our home. A bottle of 90 pills! DH takes half a pill per day, so this will last 6 months.  At $82 a month that is almost $500 savings.  I was so excited - quite the frugal coup for me. Dh goes back to the doctor on Friday to follow up on the week of increased Lyrica dosage. It doesn't seem to be making much difference in how he feels at all.  I'm disappointed on 2 aspects. Mainly, of course, that it hasn't made a difference in how he feels and also because it's been such an expensive trial. Over $600 in cost out of pocket. Disappointing all around.

We purchased a larger cage for our parakeet last week.  We looked on craigslist off and on for a used cage, but nothing caught or eye or it was too far a drive and still at least $50 for larger size.  We found one at Petsmart for $55 that is quite a good size.  We were hoping this would make birdie happier than being in that tiny size cage. Maybe he wouldn't be so annoying and bored - banging on his cage and driving us nuts.  It has seemed to help quite a bit but he now he seemed so small and lonely in that big cage! So, last night we went and bought another parakeet ($20) so he (actually I think he's a she) can have a pal, which (s)he should have anyway since they do better in pairs or groups. They are getting used to each other and I think it will be a good thing to have two.  But, ask me in a few weeks, when they are both probably driving us nuts.

Someone (usually one of the owner's) brought in Egg McMuffin's for everyone into work yesterday. I don't get in until later morning, so the few that were left were cold by then, but I've been craving one since.  I had to fast for 12 hours last night because off getting my blood drawn for cholesterol, etc check. There's a McD's right by my doctor's office and I was so hungry, but I resisted the urge, rather then spend the money on it and ate my granola bar instead - blah!

I also spent $5 last night and got a $10 Starbuck's gift e-certificate.  Got sucked into one of those social living deals, but it's pretty much a given that I'll stop at Starbucks once a month or so, so $5 for free is worth it to me.  I also had to pick up a prescription for myself at Target yesterday and was able to use the "get a $5 Target giftcard with your next prescription" coupon I had (it pays to look at those catalina coupons that print out with your receipts). I now have 2 $5 Target giftcards to use, plus a 5% off your next shopping trip (from pharmacy rewards) to use.

For quite some time I've been meaning to get a homeowner's insurance quote from our auto insurance carrier. We've had our homeowner's insurance through Allstate for years. I just got the renewal notice and it's $1018 per year (a $106 increase from last year).  I was hoping Progressive would be cheaper, but it came out at over $1100, so guess I'll just stick with what we have.  Just seems so darn expensive, but I'm sure it's because we aren't near a fire hydrant being back on private road.  At least I got getting a new quote off my to-do checklist, finally.

Dd just texted me after she picked up her very first paycheck. Net was $205.  They still owe her for tips, too, but they hadn't sorted those out yet. She'll probably get another $50-ish for that. She already picked up an extra shift for Sunday, as she wasn't scheduled to work but someone needed the day off. I think she thought the co-worker boy was asking for her phone number because he liked her (they go to same school and both are on the tennis teams) but apparently it was just to ask her to take his shift;) 

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  1. I can't wait to get to know you and catch up on your posts! That is a great savings for meds! I take daily meds as well and thankfully i have ins. Or I dont know what I would do. *see* you soon