Monday, September 10, 2012

Found a desk

DH has been looking on craigslist for a desk for quite some time. His criteria was something quality, under $200 and something very nearby so he didn't have to drive too far to get it.  I've had the money set aside, because I knew eventually he'd find something.  This is what he found:

(this is the picture from the ad - not at our house). The ad was quite misleading as to the condition. Said it had one minor scuff but other than that in really good condition and had been well taken care of. Umm. no....there are minor scratches all over (I think the left desk condition is from the camera lens - it's not that bad). I kept looking at the desk once they got it home and said "how could someone treat such a nice desk like this?" I would have been so careful with it!  Apparently it originally belonged to a company that went out of business and then these people have had it since, but still.....

But, other than that this is a very quality cherry wood executive desk unit. The guy said it cost over $5000 when purchased new 10 years ago. I believe it.  Dh offered him $150 and they agreed on $175. DH only used $100 of "my" money, as he had $75 from his monthly "allowances" he hadn't used yet. Plus, it came with the floor mat, which we need, so at least another $30 saved there.

Dd and I cleaned it up as best as possible and I'm going to work on repairing the scratches with some crayons or repair kit and then re-polish it. Eventually I think it would be worth it to have it totally refinished, since it's such a nice quality piece of furniture and the wood is beautiful. I'm not sure refinishing it is something I know how to do, but I think it would be worth it to pay to have it done at some point.

Aside from it being freaking HUGE, I am pleased with it. DH is going to have to do some major changes in the family room to get this to fit, but maybe we'll finally get rid of some excess stuff that currently resides in this room that is never used and taking up space (like DS's weight bench he never uses, an old oak entertainment center no one wants and a small hide-a-bed couch I hate). It's a pretty large room, 14x20, but my good sized desk is already in one corner of the room.


  1. Very nice desk :) Those things are expensive new in the box .... I've had mine for 10 years now. It's not solid wood, just particle board and laminate, and it's ready to be replaced but I just don't want to spend that kind of money.

  2. Hey that's pretty!!! It would take up my whole condo!

  3. Great find - shouldn't take too much to get it back into shape! I, too, am always amazed and how abusive people can be to expensive things. I mean, we were always taught to take care of things so that they'll last (therefore, not having to shell out more money for new or repairs) - whether it be a car, your clothing, shoes, etc. How you can bring it back to life with a little TLC!!

  4. Wow, if you do refinish that one, you'll have to show us before/after photos. That is a fantastic desk for the price given. And I love huge desks!