Saturday, September 22, 2012

Back to the grocery store

GRRR! I went grocery shopping yesterday.  Earlier that morning I had loaded my store card with all the coupons and special prices for "extra savings". I had quite a few items that had these coupons associated with them.  As we are driving home, and I'm deciphering my receipt, I realize I did not get any of the extra savings from the coupons I had loaded onto my store card!

I got home and wrote down everything I bought and the prices I was expecting to get. I tried to log onto the store website and it was down, so probably related to the reason I did not get my extra discounts. My bill was $12.12 higher than it should have been.  So, back to the store I will head later this morning and see what I can do about getting my money back!  When I got online this morning all those coupons I added to my card are showing as added.  I hate my time wasted like that and hopefully it won't be too much of a hassle to get the money back.


  1. Good luck! I hate it when that happens! Let us know how it goes!! :)

  2. I got my money back, but not after getting heartburn about it. I printed out my "savings list" to take with me. Items I purchased highlighted, a handwritten list of each item and what I should paid and my receipt. It ended up actually being 13.27. I found the extra $1.50 I missed in my original list. I very nicely explain to the customer service lady that I didn't get my extra discounts and she asked if I put in the wrong phone number - no, my name is on my receipt and I got the regular club card savings, along with my gas points, so it was entered right. Well, did I have 2 cards with different phone numbers? No. Then she hands me an iPad and wants me to log in. Well, crap I don't know my log in and password - I have it remembered in my home computer so I don't have to remember. She says "well, it's just your email address and password". I explain to her I have a couple of emails I use for shopping and coupons online and can't remember which I used. I take a guess and sign in and for some reason it is not showing any of my "list". Maybe because that is using the mobile app and I do it from the website? I tried to check their website last night and it was down all evening. She replies that she heard they were having issues. She's acting like I am lying and says "well, nothing's there, you didn't load them". I said I did and again showed her my printed list that I got off my account I was logged into at home an hour earlier. I grabbed my receipt and said never mind - I've already got an hour of my time into figuring out my total and coming back here. Then she got all "oh, I'm going to fix it, I'm just trying to figure out "why" so I can tell my manager. I said well, don't make me feel like I'm lying and it's my fault your system is messed up!"

  3. I had a similar issue earlier this week, except it was all my fault, as I forgot to hand the cashier the coupon! And it was a pretty high dollar one -- $3! So, yesterday when I was in the same area, I took the two items, my receipt and the coupon back into the store. I explained to customer service, and voila! He rang up the coupon and handed me back $3! THAT was super easy!