Saturday, August 4, 2012

Staycation Day 3

Day 3 was also supposed to be just a normal spending day (groceries) but we went to Dh's follow up doctor appointment and the doc decided to have him try Lyrica, instead of the Cymbalta (which wasn't helping at all). Unfortunately, he had no samples and wrote a 2 week prescription to try it.  $96 - thank you very much! Good grief. But, in looking at Lyrica's website we'd qualify for free or reduced meds based on our family income, so if the Lyrica works and he's to stay on it, I'll get all that paperwork filled out. If this doesn't work I don't know what else there is to try - the doctor didn't mention any other meds.

After the appointment Dh wanted to stop somewhere for lunch.  I can't remember the last time we went out to lunch together. It was kind of nice for a change, but there went another $25.

Ds had his big job interview yesterday. He thought it went really well, but of course, still waiting to hear on a final decision. No idea on what the pay would be, other than what I could find with some online research on this company. We're guessing in the $38,000 to $42,000 range for this position. Their benefits look good - 2 weeks vacation, 3 weeks after 5 years, 6 holidays and 5 "personal" days.  Pension and matching 401k. Full medical/dental/vision.

I don't have much on the agenda today. Still working on cleaning the floors (ugh!) and a visit to see my 94 yr old grandma later today.


  1. Meds always add up SO fast! :( Hope the meds work for hubby! Good luck to your son! Really hope he's the "one"!

  2. Yikes, meds are expensive!! I hope they help. But it's nice to go out with just a spouse once in a while :)